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Since I was diagnosed with type 2 the doctors have mainly been trying to use diet and exercise to control it. Due to other health issues, excercise is not something I can do alot of. My last lab numbers had the doctor worried and now has put me on Metformin. 1000 mg's a day. Is that a low or high dose or middle of the road dose? I hate the side effects but the doctor wants me to give it three months and then see where we are. How long has anyone else had to deal with side effects?

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Kaiyle 2010-08-29 11:03:07 -0500 Report

My physician put me on 500 mg. of Metformin. The first week of being on it, I experienced some diarrhea but now I seem to be tolerating it pretty well. I hope the effects of it will soon clear up for you. As far as exercise go, it's all about consistency of daily movement. For example, walking to your mailbox and back to your home everyday is exercising or walking around your home everyday. Just move enough to get your heart rate up at least 3 days a week. I truly do believe it will pay off for you.

LarryakaStlX 2010-08-29 11:42:20 -0500 Report

I too take Metformin but I take two 500mg twice a day. Have been doing this for a couple years now.

Pamiekae 2010-09-02 13:32:02 -0500 Report

Called the doctors office today because although the nausea and stomach problems started to go away finally I developed a bad headache over the weekend that I still have and my vision just kept getting more and mroe blurrier. He said it was because my sugar levels had to be still to high so now I am to take two pills in the morning and two at night moving me up to 2000 mgs a day and I'm to come back in to see him next week either at the first part of the week if things aren't better or at the end of the headache and blurry vision gets better. I don't know how I'm going to drive like this. Did the pills do this to you?

rwb 2010-08-26 20:13:17 -0500 Report

i do 1650 mg plus take 50 units of lantus the side effects will not last much longer good luck ive been doing metformin about 1 yr now

Pamiekae 2010-08-26 23:24:50 -0500 Report

I hope the side effects go away soon. Today was a bit better. I know some of my other meds took me a week or two to get used to so I'll do my best to stick with this one too.

jeffrey9127 2010-08-26 10:23:28 -0500 Report

I am on 1250mg's of Metformin per day. The side effects lasted about three weeks and then went away. I was told by my Dr. that 1000mgs per day is considered a low dose.

Pamiekae 2010-08-26 23:27:28 -0500 Report

Well I'm hoping for everything to level off in the next week or soo, I guyss I'll find out in three months when they redo the labs if the low dose is enough or if I ned more. Are doing okay with your dosage now?

Armourer 2010-08-25 21:59:20 -0500 Report

Please have the Doc do labs to check your kidneys, he should do this anyway. I took Metformin for about five years at 1000mg, twice a day. Some protein marker indiacates that at .8 one should be off the drug, and at 1 damage to kidneys have begun. I went to 1.4 and had kidney damage. New Doc took me off metformin and started insulin. Now my kidneys have recovered after couple of years. Sorry about the other side affects your having!

Pamiekae 2010-08-26 23:28:30 -0500 Report

I'll ask him about that when i go back to see him. They can do that at the same time the redo labs in three months.

Pamiekae 2010-08-25 21:48:38 -0500 Report

Talked to my doctor this afternoon. He said that with all the other meds I am on many of which have are steroid based for my lung issues that I will have side effects no matter what he prescribes. He wants me to give the Merformin at least 2 weeks before trying something else.

MissVV 2010-08-25 21:43:28 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed as pre diabetic on my mybirthday in March, my doctor started me out on Glucatrol, but I saw an endocrinologist in May, he changed the diagnosis to type 2 and put me on Metformin because my numbers were horrid on the other.

The only side effect I have seen that I really notice is that I have lost over 30 pounds since I switched meds. I'm not hungry all the time anymore. My numbers were really good until I forgot to takek my meds for two weeks, and I'm still trying to get them back to a decent range.

I'm soory to hear that Metformin is making you sick, maybe the doctor can find something better for you.

Hope123 2010-08-25 21:25:24 -0500 Report

I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Doctor put me on metformin (1000 mgs) and onglyza. Metformin caused me to be nauseous - never got diarrhea but could not eat or too nauseous to eat. My kidneys began showing signs of failure and I was taken off metformin. Just taking onglyza. I was having trouble at beginning with metformin (worse than when I had to quit) and doctor cut me back to 500 mgs and then upped it to 1000 mgs. I was beginning to tolerate it but had to get off couple of weeks ago. My blood sugar runs 160 and up to 180's with just onglyza. I have never gotten it to 70-120 range.

LennyDenny 2010-08-25 13:41:50 -0500 Report

Hi there - I have taken 1000 mg's a day for the last 2 years. My dr. has had me on that with diet and exercise to try to control it. I did have to start out slow with the exercise and then increase it every so many months or so until I could go to the gym 3-4 days a week. By you have to do it at your speed not his. Talk to the dr. about the side affects, they can vary in everyone. Stick with it and I know it will improve. Don't hesitate to ask questions here, you will always get help.

MAYS 2010-08-25 13:06:38 -0500 Report

Three months is a reasonable amount of time to try something.
I understand your feelings and apprehension, but why not give it a try?

Start off small, every three weeks, move it up a notch or two, based on what you know about you, and what you are capable of.

Document your findings, at the end of the stated time period re-evaluate your situation and take the appropriate course of action necessary for you.

You have some of the greatest support staff ever assembled,
"The Diabetic Connect Family."


Mair 2010-08-25 09:24:36 -0500 Report

As for me I am very sensitive to meds and react quite unfavorably to many. My doc. finally realized if she starts me out on the lowest dose possible then slowley increases the dose, my body has a better outcome. There is no reason for anyone to suffer for three months until a change is made. You are in control of your health; sound rather forthright to your doc. and say put me on something else. Metformin was horrible for me. I had bowel and stomach issues and my glocuse went actually higher. Another example at a doctor I no longer see whom put me on Avandia and my heart would race and felt like a constant ache in my chest.

I mentioned it and he said oh that drug would not do that just stay on it. I took it for one month and told him in no uncertain terms that I was not going to die by his hand. ( Now look it finally came out about the heart damage the durg caused.) I am glad I listened to me.

Harlen 2010-08-24 13:35:48 -0500 Report

There are other meds you can use it the side affects get bad.
I dont know what your #'s are running so I dont know what els to sey.
How ofter to you test?
I hope this helps
Best wishes

Pamiekae 2010-08-24 13:52:12 -0500 Report

Mornings before eating. It ranges from 199 to 256. Lab test done on friday was at 202. Thanks Harlen!

kdroberts 2010-08-24 14:30:57 -0500 Report

Don't be surprised if your dose gets increased to 2000-2500 if your numbers stay like that. When you say you were trying diet and exercise, what sort of things are you eating and what sort of exercising are your doing?

Pamiekae 2010-08-24 15:55:47 -0500 Report

My sister is a dietian so she gave me several meal menu's and things to stay away from, the heavy starch items and instead of sugar used splenda. Lean meats and away from the high fatty foods. I mainly walked. But because of my other health problems caused so much swelling of my feet and legs I had to stop that. Can't do any bending exercises because of my lungs so it's been mainly just watching my diet for the last 6 months.

Harlen 2010-08-24 17:38:23 -0500 Report

Thats not to bad when they tested my blood befor they knew I had diabetis was to hight for the meeter to read lol and the A1c was greates then 12.
Best wishes

kdroberts 2010-08-25 09:38:38 -0500 Report

That's pretty standard diet, however many, many diabetics find they do well by completely ignoring them! A lot of diabetics find that a higher fat and protein diet combined with reduced carb intake helps blood sugar, blood pressure and all cholesterol numbers. I would also question staying away from sugar and using splenda. While there is some benefits to using artificial sweeteners mostly they are non-essential as in used in products that are really treat type things rather than every day stuff. Splenda should still be used in moderation and a comparable amount of sugar per day is likely going to see you better long term. There is also stevia, the purse stuff like sweetleaf rather than the extracted chemicals stuff like truvia, The only thing where artificial sweeteners are better than sugar is in diet pop drinks and similar but again, they should be the treat and not the norm.

You could start by reading this blog, it has some good info in it and is an easy read

If you want more stories from other diabetics, try this.

Pamiekae 2010-08-24 12:41:57 -0500 Report

Thanks, it's nice to know that at least lab workup wasn't so drastic they pulled out all the stops and put me on high dose.

kdroberts 2010-08-24 11:53:42 -0500 Report

It's a low dose. Usually you start at 500mg or 1000mg then move up to 1500mg. If it's not working well it usually gets increased to 2000mg or up to 2550mg.

d1956 2010-08-25 14:05:09 -0500 Report

I take 2000mg a day. The Dr. added Glyburide last year and that helped. Then my Gall Bladder went bye-bye and they had to decrease the Glyburide in half and are thinking about reducing Metformin and removing the Glyburide. Can't wait!