is Humulin R the short acting insulin?

By realsis77 Latest Reply 2010-08-26 22:06:58 -0500
Started 2010-08-23 14:25:26 -0500

Hello all! I was just wondering if Humulin R is the short acting insulin? This is the one I am injecting. Thank you all for your great support and kindness to me! I'm sorry I have so many questions but I was not given very much information! Thanks for being here for me! :)

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sc1boy 2010-08-26 22:06:58 -0500 Report

It is a fast acting insulin and it may take a little bit to start working but it does work and it comes down qauite a lot when it does at least it does for me.

kdroberts 2010-08-23 14:42:56 -0500 Report

No, it's shortish but not the rapid type. The fastest ones are Humalog, Novolog and Apidra. R is what's know as regular, it was the old short acting insulin until the mealtime analogs were introduced about 10 years ago. It starts working around 30 minutes after you take it, peaks around 1-3 hours after and continues to work for a total of 4-8 hours or so. The rapid insulins start working in 5-10 minutes, peaks around 1-2 hours or so and is gone around 3-4 hours after taking them.