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Started 2010-08-23 13:23:56 -0500

Has anyone heard of Glucerna for lowing your sugar when my sugar is high I Driink a Glucerna shake and check my sugar two hours later my sugar is lot lower and I have someing I would like to know if anybody has taken Acai with Green tea I Would like some feedback anybody

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troublemaker27 2010-08-25 22:26:03 -0500 Report

well my blood sugar was 117 not bad.
so how are you all today?
i been type two diabetic since 2008.
at first i didn't believe it.
but it happen.
now i have lost weight and feeling great.
see you all-tori

LadyPandora407 2010-08-25 20:58:27 -0500 Report

Extend Bars help lower your blood sugar I was really suprised at how well they work

GabbyPA 2010-08-25 21:03:38 -0500 Report

I have used those and they help me not to spike, but I have never had them reduce my numbers. Maybe I am eating them wrong? LOL

GabbyPA 2010-08-23 17:38:43 -0500 Report

I know Glucerna is supposed to level out your glucose levels, but I have not heard of it lowering them. So that is unique. I have had green tea with citrus, but not Acai.