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I take lantus at night every 24 hours. My question is about novalog however. I am not in good control. I take a steroid for another condition and it hard to regulate my sugar.

I try to regulate my diet but sometimes my testing shows a high sugar level aroound 2 or 3 hours after eating. I want to know how many units of insulin it takes to lower the blood sugar rate according to how much the number is over the ideal blood sugar. I sometimes need to take extra insulin and have no way to correctly adjust.
I have asked my doctor about how to bring that number down.
My doctor says I need to take the prescribed amount before meals and not chase the disease.This is not helpful. I do that already. How many units of insulin reduce how many units of carb? I think that is what I want to know, or how much insulin will bring down a surplus of blood sugar? This appears to be a mystery tht I am not allowed to know. I feel at risk becaue of this

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kdroberts 2011-06-30 20:14:48 -0500 Report

The book, Think Like a Pancreas by Gary Scheiner has everything you need to know about figuring out that type of thing. It's not a set formula and you need to figure out what works for you.

Harlen 2010-08-21 13:07:21 -0500 Report

Here comes the work you need to know what your ratio of insulin to carb is
your doc can get you started You need to rite every thing down sugars befor you eat and 2 hr after you eat as well as how much insulin you gave.
I still use a scale for my food and rite it all down helps to keep me good lol
Carb counting is the only was I know how to keep my blood sugars where they need to be
Hope this helps
Best wishes

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