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I am a female type 2 PWD who was diagnosed in August of 2008. I knew the symptoms of diabetes from working as a dental assistant over 30 years ago. New patients were asked a series of questions to determine if they were at risk for undiagnosed conditions. At the time of my diagnosis, I had acheived 3 years of sobriety as a recovering alcoholic. My wake up call came when one day I simply could not quench my thirst. Alcohol abuse had taken it's toll on my body, particularly my pancreas. I had 4 bouts of severe pancreatitis which almost killed me, but luckily I decided to go to rehab. A recovering alcoholic's food of choice is ANYTHING which has massive quantities of sugar. At a doctor's visit abiut another matter, I brought up my thirst issue and she almost brushed it off by saying a simple finger stick would explain if there might be a problem, but even despite my medical history she said she would be shocked if there was a problem. By blood sugar was 514…a second urine dip confirmed the fact that I was diabetic. I was immediately put on Metformin and bought the necessary "tools of the trade". Initially I read everything I could get my hands on about diabetes and became reasonably compliant for several months.
Then I got angry and resentful. I was mad at myself for being an alcoholic who ended up with diabetes as a result of my "bad behavior". I also gave myself permission to cheat thinking that if I hadn't of said anything, nI could still eat anything I wanted. When diet and medication didn't have any appreciable reults, I was sent to an endocrinologist. She put me on basal and bolus insulin and forced me to keep a food log.
After meeting with a dietician, I became more willing to take control over my diabetes and my diet in particular. One of my "unlimited" meals was salad. My salad creations were, well, a work of art. Color ands texture kept me interested and using yogurt salad dressing made it tasty. One day I saw a container of roasted corn and edamame salad with dried cranberries. I was a new addition to every salad I consumed. And I liked it so much I started eating it as an all-day snack. When the corn salad was not always available. I made my own version using frozen edamame. What happened next was curious. I notcied that my sugar levels became consistantly normal. As an experiment, I stopped eating the edamame for one week and ate almost everything else in the same way, my sugar levels became more erratic. I returned to eating the edamame again and once again, my levels returned to normal. Now I eat them every day in a number of different ways as much as I can. I have even told some other friends about my results and they have noted the same results after a period of time. One friend even niticed that her normally low blood pressure seemed to become less of an issue. So, with all this being said, try them. These potent, full of protein little soy beans may just help you kick start your way to a more level day. They a shaped similiar to lima beans without the flat taste and lend themselves well to any number of preparations. Try it…it worked for me and my friends…it may well work for you too!

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Mama Dee
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Happy day,
I'm going to mention this to Michael & maybe if he's willing we will try this also. One thing about we will never know if it will wk if we don't try it. Thanks for the suggestion stay blessed & know that you are highly favored in the nae of Jesus.

Working 4 Jesus, & Loving it.
Mama Dee

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