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william crago
By william crago Latest Reply 2008-09-11 04:41:01 -0500
Started 2008-09-10 03:14:57 -0500

what is the best way to get strips and insulin w/o ins??????

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Robert C. H.
Robert C. H. 2008-09-11 04:35:32 -0500 Report

I would contact your local Diabetes Society, they should have information on how to get necessary supplies, Or look up some of the companies that make it. sometimes they offer free products to people in need. I wish You well.

wendyjean 2008-09-11 03:10:32 -0500 Report

go to your diabetic care perfider there is a program out there throgh the companys that go by your income and send it directly from them to you it also works with meds,i myself have been this route and used this program,it's great and a relief off you and that means BETTER READINGS FOR YOU!!!!

GabbyPA 2008-09-10 13:44:12 -0500 Report

You can get it on EBAY! (are you singing that?)
I also don't have insurance, and I found that Ebay has many, many supplies that I need. My last order I received 200 strips, 200 lancets, 1 bottle of code fluid and all for $40 (including shipping) I was thrilled. I am getting ready to make another order this week. The items were not expired and worked just as well (actually, I liked the lancets better than the ones I had been using)
So give that a try. You can try bidding on some if you want, but I just bought mine straight up.

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