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Hi, I have just been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, of which i didn't even know you can have, i always believed it was you have diabetes or not. I have been told to change my diet, cut out carbs, fats and sugars. and exercise. i also have been told to lose aleast 7% of my weight. I It's not much of a problem, the only problem is is that i can't exercise like they want me to as i have an injury which i'm not allowed to do any physical exercises, i have found some which i can sit down, but they don't seem enough and also i can't find any good recipes that will help as i'm a very fussy eater. (I dont eat veg). I just don't know what to do. i don't feel i have good support in ways of motivation. if i can't controll my diet etc i have been told that it can develope into diabetes within 5-10 yrs. i am desperate for some help and advice.

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MAYS 2010-08-15 14:53:47 -0500 Report

Hello and Welcome to the Diabetic Connect Family !

As a pre-diabetic, you have some control over whether or not you will become a diabetic, how much control has never really been determined.
I am a vegetarian, but I won't be trying to convert you into becoming one with the recipe sites that I have chosen, browse them and select meals to your liking.

These links may interest you:




Feel free to message me at any time if I can be of any help.


RAYT721 2010-08-15 14:50:24 -0500 Report

First of all, welcome to our world! Yup, you can be a pre-diabetic. Your numbers are not horrible but left untreated can cause diabetes with or without the complications that surely you've heard about. You are in a stage of being able to stop the growth of the disease so it's a good place to be if there is such a place. I am officially diabetic and was told that I can avoid medication by following a few simple rules… cool it with the sugar, ramp up the exercise, and lose a few (not too many) pounds. I understand your physical limitations for exercise and it's that you understand them also. Exercise doesn't have to make you a gym rat. You can burn calories with simple things like walking, water aerobics, vacuuming, dancing, stretching or anything that you physically CAN do. Diet doesn't mean you have to go organic or vegan. Just watch what you eat and how much you eat and you'll be fine. Put down the cheesecake!!! Step away from the cheesecake!!! A lot of what's going to help you is swapping, not eliminating things that you enjoy. There are lower sodium and lower fat and lower carb versions of what you do like now. Find them and you'll find peace. Yes, your life will be changed but so will your mind, body and soul. You have entered a whole new world here with some of the coolest people you'll even know (or not know) where genuine friendships are made. I speak from experience. There are simple steps you can take to help yourself. Don't over complicate it with worry. You are in good hands because you are in God's hands. We are here to laugh and cry with you. We are here to listen to your stories and ask you to listen to ours. You are here for a reason!!! Thanks for joining the community.

Kat-Kins 2010-08-15 16:15:11 -0500 Report

Thank you so much for your kind words and advice and thank you for welcoming me to the cmmunity. I am looking forward to making new friends. x