WOW great people on this site

By bieberfever21 Latest Reply 2010-08-19 15:35:15 -0500
Started 2010-08-15 12:38:30 -0500

The people on this site that give me great advise are amazing wow i love the advice i get it really helps me out thanxs soooo muchh everybody is amazing :) :) :)

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Kaiyle 2010-08-19 15:35:15 -0500 Report

As much as you feel this site has given to you, you have given even the more just by being a significant and valuable part of this DC family. Keep dreaming BIG because the biggest you can dream, God's plans for your beautiful life are even GREATER!!!!

sue wadsworth
sue wadsworth 2010-08-19 15:23:01 -0500 Report

hi, i am brenda costner, relation to kevin costner the actor. i have newly found diabetes. i take insulin but am just learning how to manage it. good luck!

RAYT721 2010-08-15 13:19:57 -0500 Report

I don't know that I have given to you as much as you have given to me. It's inspiring to see young people joining the community with such a positive attitude. We are without question a melting pot of gender, ages, interests, management and control advice, inspiration, motivation, education, attitudes, aptitudes and more. I agree that this is THE place to go but it's people like you, more than people like me, that make it such a success. Thanks for being with us and contributing.

monkeymama 2010-08-15 13:14:16 -0500 Report

Your welcome! It warms my heart when i can help another person who shares the same common goal. I've gotten through a lot of things because of everyone here. i am glad we are able to be there and help you.

MAYS 2010-08-15 12:54:13 -0500 Report

You are also one of those amazing people, thank you for being a member of this family … ((( H )))'s.


bieberfever21 2010-08-15 12:59:12 -0500 Report

thank you

Mama Dee
Mama Dee 2010-08-15 20:38:52 -0500 Report

Happy day bieberfever,
Pray all is better than well w/you & yours. It's great to chat w/you continue to be who you are for you are blessed & highly favored in the name of Jesus.

Working 4 Jesus, & Loving it.
Mama Dee

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