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i was diagnosed back in 1996 or 97, at the same time my diabetes 2 was diagnosed. it seems sometimes i have great control over it and other times, it's acting up for months on end. does anyone else here suffer from this condition and how bad is it? mine seems to be getting worse and worse. it started getting out of control several years ago when i had a doc. who had a 'let's wait and see' approach to treating my diabetes. it was out of control for two years before i started looking for a doc who would take it seriously. since then, my gastroparesis has gotten far more severe. recently, i went to a mayo clinic site and have learned some terrible side effects that may happen with gastro. i see a gastroenterologist and even he never mentioned how devestating it could be. now, a condition that i once thought of as an embarrassing nusiance has me terrified. i was wondering how others deal with it and if anyone has had to go so far as having surgery.

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monkeymama 2010-08-15 12:57:42 -0500 Report

Hello there Angela! My mom was diagnosed with this about a year or so ago. The doctor has her on medications and a supplement(s) to help with hers. Recently, my mom was given the green light to try this experimental procedure that involves using a pace maker. The doctors at Madison University have had a 80% effective rate on using this method with Gastroparesis patients. My mom is waiting now to do all of the final work and details before she under goes the procedure. The meds that have her on have caused he to have Parkinsons like effects and she is just getting tired of it. The other thing is, she needs to get herself on the right track with taking care of her diabetes before they will also go through with this procedure. My mom had me read some of the information on this and it was VERY interesting and amazed with this. Not everyone is doing this procedure. The jury is still out on "how" effective it is. There are mixed responses from those doctors that are doing the procedure.

angelalock 2010-08-16 11:10:33 -0500 Report

hi, monkeymama. thank you for all the info you've shared. the procedure you mentioned is not one i've heard of, but it's one i plan on asking my gastroenterologist about. the mayo clinic info i read mentioned a procedure where part of your stomach is blocked off and the intestines re-routed. i guess much the same as the gastric bypass used for weight loss. but i was shocked to read that gastroparesis can be life threatening!!! i had to wonder why that little useful piece of info was never mentioned to me. my gastropareisis is moderately-severe. i'm on reglan, and a very high dose, at that. twice the recommended dosage. i'm also experiencing parkinsons like symptoms. but if my dosage is lowered i'm forced to live on a soft or liquid diet. and as much as i love mashed potatoes, after a while you get tired of them. lol.