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I have a pump after 38 years being a type 1 diabetic. I feel so much better. I wish I had did this 20 years ago. I was hard headed and set in my ways. Change is good!

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long timer
long timer 2010-08-27 23:41:38 -0500 Report

Good for you Sue! I started on the pump about 10 years ago, after 42 years of injections. The first day I cut my insulin usage in half and my blood sugars stayed in the normal range - that was a first! The one difference that I found is that I can get low (like into the 30s) and not get the jitters and sweating and dizzy feeling that I used to get when I was on injections. I give the credit to the fact that I have insulin in my body 24/7 now instead of just when I would inject. I think it's great, but my doctors think I'm losing the warning signs to tell when I'm low. I disagree since I can be fully aware of what I'm doing, check my blood, realize I'm low, drink some juice and keep on doing what I was doing. The pump has been a real blessing in my life. I suspect you'll find that it blesses your life as well.

Richard157 2010-08-16 19:15:48 -0500 Report

I agree, I used injections for 61 years and did not start pumpinguntil 2007. My control is the best it has ever been. I know a few people who were pumping in the late 1970's. The pumps were large and clumsy then, but still better than injections. I am using the Minimed 522 pump, which one are you using? Have you actually started using the pump yet?

Elrond 2010-08-15 21:00:19 -0500 Report

I agree. I've been using a pump for about 3 months after nearly 20 years of injections. The pump really simplified my life. It gives me much more freedom in food choices. And one simple, nearly painless, catheter change about every 3 days certainly beats 4 or more injections daily.

Harlen 2010-08-15 20:40:10 -0500 Report

I love my pump Life is so much better with it
I am so glad you gave it a shot
Best wishes

monkeymama 2010-08-15 11:23:28 -0500 Report

The day I got mine, I was tickled pink with joy. The insulin pump fits my lifestyles so perfectly right now. In the close to 3 years I have been on my pump, I have only had 2-3 lows and those were from over carbing something I ate. I am a avid speaker about using these for type 2 diabetics and have gotten papers praised and HIGH marks for my papers in reference to using insulin pump therapies. If there is ever a time you have a question or anything. Just let me know.

papajoesgurl 2010-08-17 14:41:36 -0500 Report

i didnt know they put u on a pump for type 2 diabetics. I thought that was just for people with type 1 diabetics. could u explain that for me. thanks just me…Sherry

RAYT721 2010-08-15 11:06:55 -0500 Report

I am not on oral or insulin meds at this time so I find your post to be very beneficial for the day if and when I will need a shot, pump or anything. It's members like you that give hope and help to the newbies and I thank you so much for sharing your world with us. In short, THANKS!!!

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