To Cook or not to cook?

By DonnaAnn Latest Reply 2008-09-08 08:25:39 -0500
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Did you know that when you cook food you change it? When you boil veggies you are boiling most of the good things out. Even steaming can change the mineerals and vitamins in a veggie. When you grill meat, you are releasing the carcinagins?
I think it is very important for people who have diabetes and cancer and other diseases to know how to cook their food so the food is beneficial for them. Learn ways to cook your foods so you can retain the minerals and vitamins in them for your health. I would love to know how others cook their food to do this.
I myself steam or eat my food (veggies and fruits) raw.

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Ani 2008-09-08 08:25:39 -0500 Report

I had knew that you have to watch what you eat I just didn't know you have to cook foods in a certain way thanks for posting this it is very helpful.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-09-08 08:07:05 -0500 Report

If I understand correctly, the carcinogens from the grilled meat are not actually from the meat. It is the smoke and the blackened charred parts that are known to cause cancer.

You should avoid smoking your meats. If you grill your meat and the edges get blackened, you should cut it off.

GabbyPA 2008-09-08 05:45:54 -0500 Report

I love my veggies and the more raw the better. I tend to either steam them or lightly saute them. I use mixed seasonings with them to avoid the salt when I can. I also bake them, but I think that makes them more sugary...that is why we can eat a larger quantity of raw than cooked veggies. I combine the satued with the raw for breakfast and it is a good texture for me. Some like zucchini, summer squash and mushrooms, I just don't like raw and they need some heat.
One thing I read to reduce the carsonigens in your grilled meat is to turn them more frequently. I also don't like my meat "killed" . Medium rare is good for me, and I suppose that helps cut the carsonigens down a bit. You can also "cook" your meat in lemon or lime juice. This is great with raw fish. Just be VERY careful and make sure it is fresh fish.
I have learned a lot during my viggies for 30 days, and living or raw foods are better for us for the most part, but we are meant to eat a varity of things.
I also read somewhere (forgive my sive like brain) that people who eat soup at least once a week do better on weight control than those who don't. Perhaps you are drinking all those wonderful minearls down in the broth??
The most important thing is that you are eating veggies instead of junk. That you are grilling instead of frying. Every little bit helps in getting us the control we want. Finding what works in your lifestyle and time management is key.

ShortyD 2008-09-08 01:07:28 -0500 Report

john, got the ideal cooking, and it taste
better warm up.i like to grill some meat.
do it on the grill, when you frying or bake in there grease.

morris.js 2008-09-07 22:44:15 -0500 Report

Most of my meals I cook on the weekends in a slow cooker. This keeps a lot of the vitamins and minerals in because the cooker is opened very little. I then divide the food up into small meal sized containers and freeze it to use through out the week. If I don't slow cook, then I bake or steam the foods. Rarely do I boil or fry anything.

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