Gastroparesis leading to gastric bypass

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Hi, my name is Melissa and I am 27 years old. I am struggling with gastroparesis that is very bad. I have been on all of the medications including from canada. My stomach does not absorb pills so none of them have actually helped. i have tried botox injections twice, a feeding tube down my nose and pulled through my stomach, stimulation, a liquid diet, and just about anything else you can think of. I am constantly throwing up and go through days at a time where I just can not eat. So you can imagine how my blood sugars are. I can not match up the insulin with my digestion and my a1c was around 17. I tried taking insulin before, during, after, different kinds, the insulin pump, etc. Now they are talking about a gastric bypass. I am 5ft.6 and 125lbs. I am terrified. I was told by another docor that I would die. This would mean that I would probably have to be on a feeding tube and I refuse to do that. Has anyone else considered this option or have any ideas to help me. Id appreciate any response that anyone has to give. Thanks

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215Paula 2016-03-02 14:26:12 -0600 Report

I am a 41 year old Type I- Diabetic who is 4’11 and weigh 160 lbs. with large boobs (that gives me 15 of those lbs.). I am very active, workout but loves to cook although I am African American I DO NOT eat fried food regularly. My last A1C was 7.2 and my diabetes is well managed however I suffer from Gastroparesis. Are there any of my Diabetics not significantly overweight who had a successful Rou-en-Y surgery?
Over the next month I am planning to have it done and curious of any success stories. Thank you for sharing!

marmur 2014-01-25 12:04:15 -0600 Report

I am 49 yrs. old and I have gastroparesis , I am 5'6 1/2 and weight 100 pound I was healthy 152 pound woman ful of energy who loves swim (500yard) , hiking, climbing, and walking 10 miles every other day loved cooked (no longer) and eat never been in diet… On 2011 my health started deteriorated until I was diagnosed with gastropareis, I am not diabetic. Yet, my grandmother died as result of gastroparesis, my mother has it, my sister has it and my father had it. I am in and out from the hospital I was several month in TPN and a feeding tube Doctors ordered a Psychiatric evaluation to discard an eating disorder and after all meds under the sky failed and 2 gastric delays were performed and reach the rock bottom of 85 pound, dehydrated, malnutrition, sever anemia, lose all my hair, cachexy the dr. refereed to gastroparesis specialist… On 2013 they implanted the gastric pacemaker stimulator an a J-tube I went from 85 pound to 116 then removed the J-tube I lose some weight but no than much Little bet of pain but was fine. On November 2013 I started experienced to much pain in the Devise area, the spasm are so painful that I ended up i tears, I noted that when I have food in my stomach the GPacemaker DO NOT moving caused me bloated fullness etc… vomit I told the dr. that my gastroparesis symptoms are back and start losing weight again… Vomit. early satiated, pain bloated, vomit undigested food I am back to the hospital I was dehydrated performed test, everything back normal gastric pacemaker work but no longer control my gastroparesis symptoms… I am in liquid diet again and my doctor told me NOTHING HE CAN DO… He talk about the surgery but he has no have interest to have a long battle with my insurance…to approved the gastric sleeve for gastroparesis Because I am not diabetic, and not obese… Please tell me inform me where and who is the Dr. who recommended you the surgery I DONT WANT DIE FOR STARVATION AND MALNUTRITION I CANT AFFORDED TO LOSS MORE WEIGHT plase HELP!!!!

lover875353 2014-02-01 22:28:58 -0600 Report

Do you have the pacemaker stil

marmur 2014-03-15 21:00:05 -0500 Report

I demanded too much of myself, and I refused to acknowledge that it was so many weeks that my body did not receive the appropriate nutrition due to my stomach not tolerating solid food; I have to deal with enormous gastric pain. I tried to survive on 8oz of liquids a day.
By Sunday January 26, I collapsed, and my husband took me to the ER and our nightmare started.
I was at Blake Medical Center and Tampa General Hospital for 10 days. Medical treatment bordered on neglect. No one wanted to take responsibility and order a TPN line. BCBS my health insurance intervened on my behalf and appointed a Case Manager so that I would receive appropriate and prompt medical treatment. My former surgeon Vic Velanovich head department chair or surgery from University of South Florida turned off the pacemaker and one more time said "nothing he can do" and left me with the pacer inside.
Just recently my case manager ordered to be transfer to Cleveland Clinic at Weston Florida Dr. Raul J. Rosenthal found out that 1. the pacer was placed too high and caused goes under my ribs cage; 2. the pacer was in the maximum voltage; 3. Battery was almost worn out the pacer was placed on 02/14/14; 4. The symptoms I described in first post Dr.Rosenthal stated that could be the wires are moved or something is leaking and probable the pacer is bad placed. But the only to know is open it and see it, I told him that Dr. Velanovich performed on 1/13/14 an endoscopy and ct scan and said the pacer is PERFECT!!! Dr. Rosenthal just shook his head. So I still have the pacer but is turned off, and Dr. Rosenthal did not want a change the pacer because is no longer work, He put me in the list for gastric bypass but before he ordered a series of test to discard an intestinal motility disorder. I have been for the last 7 weeks in TPN, I am gained some weight but I'm a bit anemic and still have a problem to absorbed calcium, the pharmacist it waiting for the last labs in order to change for 3rd time the formula…I feel much better, I am in the right path… God bless everybody

DM Mom
DM Mom 2012-04-13 14:59:54 -0500 Report

Hi Melissa. I did a search on gastroparesis and found your posts. I do hope you are doing better now. I also live in Pittsburgh and have diabetes induced gastroparesis. I was seen by Dr. Katie Farah at Allegheny General Hospital in 2008-2010, was treated with several botox injections into the pyloric valve and the gastroparesis resolved. I still take Reglan 5 mg each morning, but I have had no recurrance in 2 years. You may find it interesting that I am going to have gastric by-pass in June as a means to help me control my diabetes (although I am overweight), but my surgeon (Dr. Jorge Urbandt) tells me that it will also help to keep the gastroparesis from returning. That sounds like a blessing! I am so very fortunate to be under the care of some magnificent physicians who have never made me feel like I was crazy. I would be happy to share my experiences with you. Please feel free to contact me.

Jeannie Holmes
Jeannie Holmes 2012-04-18 14:33:16 -0500 Report

Hi DM mom I had gastric bypass in Jan. I'm so glad I did it. I have lost 93 lbs and I no longer take insulin. I'm still on metformin, but should be off that soon. You will be so glad you did this!

mstrattongirl 2011-08-11 00:14:20 -0500 Report

Hi Melissa. My name is also Melissa I am 28 years old and was recently told by my GI that I have gastricparesis. I really know what you are going through I went from weighing 186 pounds feeling bloated everyday and gaining weight like crazy. I told myself it was because I had 3 children and that what kids did to me. I felt bad everyday. I could not explain to people what I was feeling but was more or less told I was faking it the only person that truly believed me was my husband who saw we struggling everyday with throwing up and going from being consitpated to having what I was told was IBS. In one month without chaing my diet or doing any exercising I went down to 170 pounds. I lost 16 pounds in a month. Once I had my gastric emptying study we found out that my stomach was talking over 4 hours to try to digest my food then we knew what was wrong. Right now..everyday is a struggle. I tried Reglan but only after 2 weeks the side efects were horrible. I feel tired and my hands and feet are falling asleep all the time. I also fee like my face is freezing in certian postions I cant explain it. Its just weird. My Doctor told me to stop the Relgan so now I am like what now. I am maintaining my weight of 168 to 170. which is not bad for my height. I am thinking about having the bypass surgery only because I think it would help my everyday life of putting in only as much food as my stomach will allow instead of trying to maintain a log and figureing out every little thing to eat. I am praying for you and if you every need anyone to talk to pleae know I am here! It is great to see that people can talk freely on here and not be judged.

mhughes 2010-10-06 15:16:15 -0500 Report

melissa, I feel your pain I also have the gastroparesis, I am 32 and I look so bloated I look like I am pregnant and I certainly am not for a 3rd time. they have given me the pills and trying figure out the next step. the pain to eat is frustrating and not being able to go to the bathroom is unbearable. I don't even want to eat sometimes. and my endocrine dr. only focuses on my weight gain, well she would be gaining weight as well if she could not go to the bathroom.

mas14years 2010-10-08 00:53:35 -0500 Report

you sound just like me.. i sometime do not go to the bathroom for two to three weeks at a time. i hate it.. i am not fat at all but when my food doesnt digest and i dont go to the bathroom my stomach sticks out and i hate it sooo bad. I know there are days i do not eat. My stomach is so far gone that it will not absorb pills. it is stupid if you think about it. Gastroparesis is slowing of the stomach, so they rely on your stomach to absorb pills to fix the situation. I wish i could find a way to make insurance cover colonex for people with our problem… i feel your pain.. literally..

Mama Dee
Mama Dee 2010-08-15 21:23:29 -0500 Report

Happy day Melissa,
I just read your statement & hopefully you don't mind me stopping by & praying for you. In the name of Jesus, Father touch Melissa you know what is going on w/her & her body & I know that you are the only care curer I ask you to touch her from the top of her head to the soles of her feet, & the dept of her heart. Lord I ask you to give her peace that she know that You are w/her. I pray that all medically that will have anything to do w/her & her condition hear you when you speak to them concerning Melissa. Lord you say you have a plan for us for our welfare & not for evil & w/hope.You say we have not because we ask not Father I am standing in the gap for Melissa I pray this from the dept of my heart in Your Son name out Brother Jesus, AMEN.

Working 4 Jesus, & Loving it.
Mama Dee

mas14years 2010-08-15 22:50:21 -0500 Report

You have no idea how much I appreciate this. I have so much faith and trust in God that these things happen for a reason. I went to a catholic school all of my life and I know Jesus will get me through this. Thank you for the prayers, I need all I can get. God bless you and your work.

MAYS 2010-08-15 12:48:55 -0500 Report


Check out this video and the contact information given in it, maybe they can offer some advice, suggestions or insight.

Don't give up or give in just yet !


mas14years 2010-08-15 22:51:41 -0500 Report

ill never give up or in for that matter. This is my fight and I have to do it. Whether I want to or not. It is staring me in the face and I cant ignore it or act like it doesnt exist. Thanks for everything.

candy1953 2010-08-15 09:31:14 -0500 Report

Hi, I had a gastric pacemaker put in in 2007 an I am Normal. Well as far as gastroperisis goes. I too suffered for years and was at the piont of needing a feeding tube(no way). I joke about my pace maker but it is the best. I am 57 years young and have a list of diseases as long as your arm, At least know I can eat without all the problems I am sure you are sick about. Feel free to contact me for anymore info but I highly recomend the pacemaker. Oh yes I was the 6th person in Florida to recieve one. Good luck

mas14years 2010-08-15 12:24:05 -0500 Report

It seems that the pacemaker is helping quite a few people. I am from pittsburgh pa and it seems they have given up on the idea. Im not willing to throw the towel in yet though. I would much rather try that than jump into a gastric bypass and fear that I will be on the feeding tube for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me hope!

Tess-ann 2010-08-12 02:21:40 -0500 Report

Hi Melissa,
I know what you are going through, because I was diagnosised in 2006 with Gastroparesis, mine was due to having Diabetes for so long. I am currently taking Domperidone for it, but I haven't seen a big improvement. Like yourself my stomache doesn't absorb the pills as well, I usually have to take a liquid gel for a pain reliever for headaches or general aches or pains.
I actually wanted the Gastric Bypass, but because the doctors could figure out if the Gastroparesis or something else has been causing the intense I have, it's a no go on the bypass for now. If they are suggesting bypass surgery to help relieve, See a Gastro doctor and then get a referral to see one of the top doctors in your area for a second opinion. Make sure to learn all you can,because there are may forms of the bypass that they can do now days. Take all your records and also if your keeping a log of all the symptoms you are having take that as well.
I wound up see a great doctor at Wayne State University and he went over the records and said that my gastro doctor had been very through on all his testing and couldn't think of anything he would do differently. The only thing he did do was to recheck to make sure Celiac's Disease wasn't causing it.
Try University of Michigan or the Doctor at Wayne State is Dr. Murray Ehrinpreis and like I said he is one of their top doctors there. You can go online and look up Wayne State and you should be able to find him under Medical Staff..There are many god doctors out there, but unfortunately there are also doctors who don't believe in the newer techniques that are coming out or who do not know all that much on Gastroparesis. I have had to educate a few on it and what does to me and my quality of life.
As for having to go on a feeding tube with bypass surgery I have not heard that, you need to consult a bariactric surgeon for a consultation and they will tell you which type would be best for you and everything about what you can expect.

kdroberts 2010-08-11 22:27:52 -0500 Report

I think this is one of the cases where you have to put your life on hold and find some big guns. Somewhere like the Mayo Clinic , Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston or similar. Basically places where the top diabetes specialists as well as other specialists are who can come up with something long term that will work for you. It won't be easy but you could start by calling around and seeing what sort of programs might be available to you.

monkeymama 2010-08-11 22:30:10 -0500 Report

One of the medical colleges & hospitals in Madison WI have a new experimental program they are doing with pace makers and gastroparesis. My mother is going to be going through the surgery soon.

mas14years 2010-08-11 22:55:11 -0500 Report

Yes, I have heard of this. They did it here in Pittsburgh or I should say did. It was not looked upon as a great thing. The results they had were not that great and I myself deal with chronic stomach pain. They advised me against it saying that the data was still kind of new and that it would not help in my case. I hope and pray that it does work for your mother. Please let me know how it goes because I am not ruling it out for me yet. Thank you so much.

monkeymama 2010-08-11 23:30:50 -0500 Report

Maybe it is just a matter of finding the right medical team. It never hurts to ask and have a different doctor somewhere else to take a look at your case. I think it is Madison university Hospital in Wisconsin. Trust me, my mother was no easy case either. it is good though you are keeping your options open too. If it helps, my son has a g-tube in his belly and has had this since he was 6 months old (8 years old now). If you ever have any questions about this, let me know.

mas14years 2010-08-12 13:35:50 -0500 Report

wow, that is a long time. I had the tube through my belly for about 8 months and I begged them to pull it out until they finally did. That was a huge struggle with me. If it was helping maybe i would have thought differently but it dislodged three times, I had to haev my skin cauterized numerous times, it kept on getting clogged, I tried umpteen formulas and they all skyrocketed my sugar. So in other words I hated it lol.

monkeymama 2010-08-11 22:27:44 -0500 Report

Hello there Melissa! I am so sorry to hear you are going through this at such a young age. My mother is a diabetic and is going through the gastroparesis herself. There is a highly successful surgery she is going to be doing in Madison WI for this. This experimental surgery involves placing a pace maker for this issue. The doctors have had over an 80% effect rate for this procedure. My mom had let me read all the info on this. I was quiet amazed at what I was reading. You might look at this as another option to look into.

kdroberts 2010-08-11 22:27:40 -0500 Report

I think this is one of the cases where you have to put your life on hold and find some big guns. Somewhere like the Mayo Clinic , Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston or similar. Basically places where the top diabetes specialists as well as other specialists are who can come up with something long term that will work for you. It won't be easy but you could start by calling around and seeing what sort of programs might be available to you.

mas14years 2010-08-11 22:57:22 -0500 Report

The mayo clinic would not except my insurance. I know I need the big guns. Ive been to hospitals and some of the biggest in Pittsburgh. Every single doctor I have ever seen and believe me it is a big number has said I am too complicated. I have issues from head to toe I guess. All of the normal cure alls just dont work for me. Thanks for the suggestions!

larry12nj 2013-09-18 08:48:58 -0500 Report

I think new york Presbyterian hospital is doing studies on sleeve surgery and gastroperisis Dr Bigloo

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