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Some of you know that I began a new line of nutritional supplements a couple of months ago, mid-May to be more precise. I said that I would keep you informed of the changes in my health and my medications so we all know how these products work. I had blood work done last week and I saw both my endo and pcp this week.

Prior to any changes being made in May I had blood work done. The result of that blood work was: A1c = 6.9, Total Cholesterol = 183, HDL = 51, Triglycerides = 138, LDL = 104, Fasting Glucose = 95. My blood pressure at that time was typically 124/76. At that time I took 20 units Novolin, 45mg Actos, and 2550mg Metformin.

My endocrinologist took me off the Novolin and replaced it with Byetta. I noticed after that change my morning fasting blood sugar was slightly higher than it was on the Novolin. It would vary from 91 – 114 with Novolin but increased to 110 – 122 with Byetta. In July I had a few issues with my health insurance and needed medication. I refused to pay $250 for 30 pills of Actos so I stopped taking it.

The result of the blood work last week was: A1c = 6.7, Total Cholesterol = 152, HDL = 33, Triglycerides = 189, LDL = 81, Fasting Glucose = 118. My blood pressure was 110/70. Even with the HDL and the triglycerides being higher both doctors are happy with the weight loss and want to wait to see how my body adjusts to not taking Actos.

I have been on Actos since Rezulin was taken off the market in 2000. I know most people hate that little pill, including me, but it does have a couple of good side effects: it raises HDL and lowers triglycerides. Not taking it probably accounts for most of the change in my blood work. Other things that might have affected the HDL and triglycerides are I have been eating a lot of fruit this summer. I did not know that fructose can raise triglyceride levels. In addition, some fruits contain a lot of sucrose. Sucrose is a combination of fructose and glucose. When the body breaks down sucrose it has even more fructose to deal with. I found a list of fruits that contain high metabolic fructose levels, meaning the amount of fructose when the sucrose is factored in, and I have been eating a lot of fruits in the high range. In case you are wondering I’ve had a lot of apples, grapes, mangoes, bananas and pears.

Another contributing factor to the fructose is one of the nutritional supplements has fructose in it. This is the one marketed as a sports drink. It is also the one that allowed me to spend all day father’s day out in the heat and not get a migraine from it. I love this supplement and I have been drinking it alone when I go outside to exercise. It keeps me hydrated very well and does not effect my blood sugar too badly. I guess I will have to cut back for the sake of the triglyceride levels though.

Aside from the blood work differences, in the past 90 days I have lost 35 lbs, and stopped taking Actos, with doctors’ approval. They both want me to change my dietary habits and allow my body to adjust to not having the Actos before they make any changes in medicine again. I know in one discussion somewhere here I said my doctor lowered my Metformin to 1500 mg. She did for a month, but it was an accident. (I should have known, it was totally out of character for her to change something without seeing me first.) She does everything electronically and pushed the wrong button on the dose. She put me back up to 2550mg of Metformin this week. I didn’t argue because she didn’t fight about me not taking Actos. I gave in to the Metformin dose even though my blood sugar didn’t increase with the lower dose.

In addition to those changes I no longer need pain medication for arthritis in my knee. The supplement I take for arthritis is working. Every day I feel less and less grinding from the bone on bone arthritis in my knee. The swelling is gone from my knee and the constant heat from the inflammation is also gone. It really feels like the supplement is helping my cartilage grow back, just like they said it would. I am super excited about that. My orthopedic surgeon told me the only thing he could do for the pain if the oral meds stopped working would be cortisone shots. Otherwise I would have to have a replacement.

One side note is that we had my vitamin D level tested. It was low even though I have spent much more time outside in the sun this year. Having dark skin and being overweight is hindering my body’s ability to get enough vitamin D3. Normal is between 30 – 100 ng/mL, mine was 24. I am now taking 2000 mg of D3 per day to increase compensate. I figured the neighbors would appreciate that more than me hanging out naked on the roof of my house for a couple of hours a day! :-)

Just so you know I have a lot more energy than I used to despite the low vitamin D levels. I am happier and calmer taking these supplements, my skin looks better and my nails are stronger. I really do love this stuff and know that it is working to help my body heal itself.

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outrigger1945 2010-08-14 11:36:13 -0500 Report

I just read your story. Can you please tell me what changes you mad. I would love to get of some of my meds. I am taking to many. Also have other problems Drs cant find out what they are. Keep sending me to have my gallblader taken out but 4 Drs. so fare said I don't need to because all the test they did show nothing. Jet my regular Dr. tells me it could be bad even it doesn't show on the testes.

TAR Jewel
TAR Jewel 2010-08-11 05:27:06 -0500 Report

Thanks for sharing your story because I have faith that God will see me off these meds. I had been healthly until my recent diabetic diag. Never had been hospitalized, nothing broken, no major problems. So, this has been a stressful journey for me but I'm hanging strong!

Diane987 2010-08-16 22:25:09 -0500 Report

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you. I was at a conference in St Louis the past several days. It never ceases to amaze me how life leads us to certain paths. Even when things seem to be falling apart there is a reason for it. I just trust that things will work out and God will open and close the right doors for me to get where I am suppose to be. Because I truly believe that I don't stress or worry about how things will work out.

Mama Dee
Mama Dee 2010-08-16 22:37:02 -0500 Report

Happy day,
Praise God for what He has done is doing & will do. To God be the glory that you realize that the past is just that you cannot change it are relive it. The future you really cannot plan for (because tomorrow is not promise to you), & the present is just what it is a Present from God. Be blessed & know you are highly favored in the name of Jesus.

Working 4 Jesus, & Loving it.
Mama Dee

Kaiyle 2010-08-08 15:45:46 -0500 Report

Thank you for sharing such an inspirational and motivational testimony that hard work, faith, determination, prayer, and positive attitude does yield itself to a healthy outcome.

Diane987 2010-08-08 18:08:50 -0500 Report

Those things certainly do help, but God knows it is not always easy. I screw up more times than I care to admit but I always get back on track as soon as possible. The key really is to not beat yourself up for mistakes in the past but to learn from them and turn the mistakes into knowledge and strength.

alanbossman 2010-08-08 09:02:39 -0500 Report

Doing a great job, I am happy that it is working for you. keep us posted on how will you are doing in the months ahead.

Diane987 2010-08-08 15:34:46 -0500 Report

Thank you. I plan on keeping everyone posted on the changes I go through whether they are good or bad. That is the only way we will know what products work and which one don't.

RAYT721 2010-08-07 09:47:44 -0500 Report

Diane: I have been thinking of you and wondering how things are going for you. I am so glad to hear of your positive results but also of your attitude and determination. You're truly and inspirational member of our community and a person who I am proud to have on my friend's list. Many virtual hugs go to you!!! Oh, hell, and a virtual kiss. :)

Diane987 2010-08-07 12:08:48 -0500 Report

Thank you Ray, I love hugs and kisses too for that matter especially from a great guy like you! I appreciate your high opinion of my contribution to this community. I know we all deal with so much on a daily basis because of our diabetes. It is important for us to share information about things that help make our paths in life a little smoother. I know you try to do this with every post and I am honored to have you as a friend too.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2010-08-07 09:25:26 -0500 Report

Congrats on all your progress! And WOW for all the good info. I didn't know about the fruit effect either. Next time I see my DR I'll have to ask again what my HDL, LDL and triglycerides are. I forgot the numbers but he wasn't concerned yet. Too many other problems to deal with first most likely. Ikeep learning what a tangled web our bodies are.

Diane987 2010-08-07 12:26:04 -0500 Report

I love fruit and refuse to give it up. I will adjust though and eat more avocado, grapefruit, guava, strawberries, nectarines and plums. They were much lower on the list of total fructose than the other stuff I was eating. I will add more fresh garlic, oatmeal and olive oil to my diet to increase my HDL cholesterol. We will see three months from now how well it is working.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2010-08-07 18:59:51 -0500 Report

Thanks for sharing the list. I'm trying to learn to like avocados again, had some bad quacamole once. The rest of the list sounds good, only slightly allergic to strawberries and some citrus. I had half a banana the other week at supper and BG was a little high in the AM. So maybe I'll try just a quarter of 1 when I crave it next time.