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I know that I saw a few other posts about this, and I have seen some other people say that the heat has risen their sugar levels a few points, but I am wondering is there anyone else out there that the heat hits more than just a couple of points? ON Sunday I slept all afternoon and then checked my BS it was about 480…I broke down and took Novolog, was fine the rest of the day, but the next am it was back up to 285…took more Novolog…and today again I passed out on the couch, checked my BS a little bit ago and low and behold it was 293. I just took more Novolog. I already take 45 units of Lantus at night. I can't be taking this much Novolog…I lost my insurance a few months ago and am rapidly using up my supply. Metformin doesn't seem to work for me and I cannot afford to outright buy my Novolog or my Lantus. ( I have already applied for the free programs for both insulins and am waiting to hear)
I am just wondering if the heat seems to affect anyone else like this, and if so what do you do about it?

Blessed Be

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tjaxxson 2011-03-15 00:36:41 -0500 Report

yea i guess it does me my levels stay pretty level during the summer months which is good cause i stay dizzy and light headed all winter. The colder it gets the lower my levels get..

WendyFR 2011-03-14 21:57:53 -0500 Report

Yup, I'm from Dallas, TX and I stay inside if I can during the summer, especially when it gets in the 90's to 100 degree outside. My BS spike up into the 200 to 300's.

Marilyn Moon
Marilyn Moon 2011-03-14 13:25:39 -0500 Report

I also suffer from heat problems with my diabetes. I know you don't want to pay for another med. But ask your doctor about Welchol and Prandin. My doc said he's been having good results with these meds. lowering heat intolerance. I just started taking them so I'll keep you informed on what it does for my BS Hope this will help.


cpmt 2010-08-16 22:09:26 -0500 Report

may be you should try to add cinnamon to drinks, cereal or… chromium also helps but only very small quantities. exercise also helps a little. good luck

angelalock 2010-08-16 13:48:23 -0500 Report

i've never noticed the heat affecting mine (which it still may without me noticing). i just wanted to comment on the costs of your meds. i have prescription coverage but i'm in a coverage gap. all my meds together cost more than $1500/month. i am on disability and and my payment is about half the costs of my meds. because i have medicare i don't qualify for any of the patient assistance programs. i was also on novolog and lantus. it was costing me about $650/month for the two of them. i asked my doc for something cheaper and he put me on novolin r and novolin n. the total cost of those two is about $180. you might ask your doc about those and hopefully they will work for you. they don't work as well as the novolog and lantus for me, but they're keeping me close to normal and i just can't afford the others.

Emma2412 2010-08-14 09:56:32 -0500 Report

Yes, I think heat does affect it, although I'm at a loss why it would. I know that my readings have not been astronomical, thank God, but they are higher since this heat wave set in. The only thing that I can come up with is that I exercise less in 90 degree weather and, for me, exercise is definitely the key to staying within a good range.

Mama Dee
Mama Dee 2010-08-14 00:16:54 -0500 Report

Happy day Vicki,
Yes the heat does the same to my husband. I mean to the point where he sleeps all day once I leave 2 go to work. It's kind of bad because when he gets like that he doesn't ans the phones He be so drained that it takes him sometimes 2 days to get it together. I stay prayed up because God did not give us the gift of fear so I have to stay focus. Read my word & give God the glory 4 the things He has done is doing & will do (now that wks 4 me). So fine whatever makes you calm relaxed & focus when you find that & get your self to & in that place. Also do what you have to to stay as cool as possible. Carry a small cooler w/you (the kind that can go on ur shoulder) w/cold water (freeze it ours b 4). Some small towels (put them n the cooler), & last but not least some kind of fruit juice. Be blessed & know that u r highly favored n the name of Jesus. I will be standing on the wall 4 u on this journey.

Working 4 Jesus, & Loving it.

cpmt 2010-08-16 22:27:05 -0500 Report

I think Jesus helps but you also have to do the work for things to go right. Your husband seems dpeprese (very normal with diabetics) so, he should go for a walk eary morning or early evening, NO JUICE, lost of cool water is ok.
(have only JUICE for emergencies only just in case sugar goes too low)
I was having problems with my legs until I find out I was low and since I start taking vit. D my legs are much better.
now I dont have problems with my legs as before. PEOPLE WITH DIABETES lack vitamin B12, and other vitamins. they are not well absorved or are destroyed by medication. He should check with his doctor before starts taking something new. He probably has fatigue…does he need some vitamins ?

newbie51 2010-08-13 16:06:14 -0500 Report

I am the same way with my blood sugars. They always run high during the hot weather. In fact, they have been between 200 and 500 and I can't seem to get them down. I take Humolog before meaqls and Lantus morning and night. I just don't know what to do.

GabbyPA 2010-08-16 21:52:29 -0500 Report

If you are getting highs like 500, I would be talking to the doctor about adjusting the meds or finding a little more control in the diet. Those numbers can be life threatening, so please don't treat them lightly.

cpmt 2010-08-16 23:11:15 -0500 Report

I heard of a place -two doctors runn it- in New Mexico that have a clinic or..??? you must stay one month (I don't know how much does it cost0 they only eat fresh vegetibles, natural, not cooked. Everyone in the group had their blood sugar to normal by the end of the month -strict diet-. I believe there is another one in Florida (I don't know where or what's the name.) If anyone is interested, let me know and I will find out more about it.

GabbyPA 2010-08-17 20:07:32 -0500 Report

If there is one in Florida, please let me know. I know there is one out west, and I know it is very pricey, but to try it on your own is very hard. I have tried. I like the discipline of the group. Not to do anything but to teach myself how to eat more raw whole foods. It is a neat program. It touts reversal, which it is not. It is good control though and allows your body to eat what it is meant to eat.

cpmt 2010-08-16 23:23:11 -0500 Report

do you know how can i read or check previous comments? I posted something but I never read it. I don't know how to check it now that i am back. thanks

GabbyPA 2010-08-17 20:05:16 -0500 Report

If you posted it, you should automatically be tracking it. If you commented on something but didn't track it, the only thing I can suggest is typing in the discussion topic or a word that you know is in the title into the search box. That may find it. The other way is to go to your profile and check just your activity. It will be there, but it could be very deep into the list.

If you tell me what it was, maybe I can help.

YaYaSkidz 2010-08-11 15:56:05 -0500 Report

I don't know why but I'm the opposite. In the heat I bottom out. Logic tells me its because I don't eat as much in the heat/loss of appetite - and that means lower sugars. I suspect that my gastroparesis is also heat sensitive, I don't digest as much/as quickly in the heat. Last week my BS counts were all between 60-75. I imagine that I don't drink enough in the heat either.

I also am glad I'm on insulin. I was very worried/scared/reluctant to go on insulin but I now have MUCH better control. I feel like all I do is stick myself - 4 shots of insulin a day plus testing, YIKES. But it says on my chart "diabetes under control". ( That was a big thing for me. I remember crying when the first doctor wrote on my chart "diabetes out of control". ) They are always going to write diabetes on my chart now but you work past that.

Try to stay cool vgarrison. Hang in there. Drink! eat healthy and do what you can with your meds. You aren't alone.

vgarrison 2010-08-12 12:41:39 -0500 Report

Thank you so much!! When I was first diagnosed seeing the diabetic on my chart was hard, but what was harder I guess was the obese part that went with it. Now both are better control. I actually woke up today with a bs of 96…lately for me that is worth gold!!!

Thanks for your advice!!


angelalock 2010-08-16 13:54:31 -0500 Report

i've never noticed if my bs gets high in the heat, but i do bottom out if i've been in the heat for a long time. i also have gastroparesis. mine is moderately severe while i'm on meds, but i have to take twice the recommended dosage to keep it half way under control. sometimes, though, i will go through a couple of months worth of 'episodes' and have to stay on a soft/liquid diet. this is a terrible disease. it can be soooo painful, and i have a high pain tolerance.

cpmt 2010-08-16 22:30:19 -0500 Report

what is GASTROPARESIS? i never heard about this. thanks.

YaYaSkidz 2010-08-19 10:27:17 -0500 Report

To explain it simply, gastroparesis is sort of neuropathy of the stomach. Nerve damage means my stomach takes a long time to empty. The testing showed that I only digest in 2 hours about 20% what a normal person does. It is found in diabetic patients but I don't know how common it is. In most patients it means heartburn and nausea and for me acid reflux, but the real kicker as you can imagine is in BS maintenance. Let's say I test, do my insulin and eat. My insulin is acting on a body that won't get the sugar from that food maybe for another 10 hours (digestion is often unpredictable). Let's say I go low and am sitting with a 52 BS and eat an apple to boost my number - not going to happen because my body isn't going to digest that apple and get that sugar until its good and ready maybe 5 hours from now. So I have to treat lows with juice / easily absorbed. I have to take meds to improve my digestion. I don't eat a lot of meat because it just sits there in my stomach. I eat a soft diet mostly. I have to eat 5-6 snacks a day because I can't eat large amounts. God love my endo, he knew exactly what to do so they changed what type of insulin and when I take it and life is much better. Some people with severe gastroparesis have to be careful NOT to eat fiber because it of course takes longer to digest but I can still eat a salad without getting that rock-in-your-stomach feeling.

There is a much more detailed scientific explanation if you google the info but this is it in a nutshell. They diagnosed me because I was having trouble with my BS bottoming out when I should have been peaking. Because of good record keeping they could see exactly when the onset was. There is a stomach emptying test they can give you where you are in an xray for 2 hours after eating funky spiked eggs and they can see exactly what you digest. I flunked so there you have it. But I have a diagnosis and know how to treat it and as long as I follow the rules I'm good. I carry juice with me, test often, eat right and off I go.

Diabetes is different for everyone and for me this is one of my add-ons.

I hope that helped.

marynelll 2010-08-08 17:00:08 -0500 Report


cpmt 2010-08-16 22:32:44 -0500 Report

It is normal to go up after eating I think the normal is up to 200 max. but coming down quicly… I don't know. I have the same problem and the nurse told me that was normal … but i do not belive it.

Kaiyle 2010-08-08 16:46:52 -0500 Report

Yes heat can elevate your blood sugars. My blood sugars normally run between 70-125, but when I mowed my grass on a morning that turned extremely hot rapidly, my sugar spiked to 150. So just the other day I was mowing the yard and it was hot but there was a nice breeze, therefore, my blood sugar was not affected.

Coralee431 2010-08-10 11:28:15 -0500 Report

I am newe here I didnot know the sun could affect your sugar levels

MAYS 2010-08-10 11:49:53 -0500 Report

Welcome to the Diabetic Connect Family !


ettaylor45 2010-08-10 12:49:40 -0500 Report

THANK YOU!!! Just diagnosed going on 3 weeks. Still kind of in shock! lol Never had a weight problem, don't eat much fried or high-fat "junk", LOVE vegetables of all kinds (I make salads because I LIKE salads-not because I HAVE to!) and they told me that, even with all that in my favor, genetics still got me!! Floored me, my wife and kids, and my mom and sister!! They KNOW how I eat-as my sister calls it-"sickeningly healthy!" Luck of the draw I gues!! Thanks for the welcome!

GabbyPA 2010-08-11 19:52:58 -0500 Report

Welcome to the site. Yes, diabetes doesn't really care who you are or what you do. If it's got it's eyes on you, it will find a way to get you. You have a head start on eating healthy. At least you won't have the drastic changes that so many of us had to do. I hope you will share some of your "sickenling healthy" recipes with us.

cpmt 2010-08-16 22:56:16 -0500 Report

You must start NOT EATING sugars 9until you understan how it works) and limit your carbohdratees. There are places in the internet you can check to understand better what you should eat or not. for example you should eat a small amount of carbs. but. multygrane breads, brown rice, beans are better than white bread, potatoes or white rice because their glycemic rate. eat lots of veggies, lean meats, (fats have nothing to do with sugar or diabetes) and fish. fruits limited … but berries are better than other fruits and tropical fruits have lots of sugar are NO NO.

honeybunny464 2010-08-13 18:23:30 -0500 Report

never heard of heat/cold affecting blood sugars

Sara-ree 2010-08-13 20:05:58 -0500 Report

I don't have problems with high blood sugars in the summer, I have problems with the lows. When it's humid, that really makes it drop.

cpmt 2010-08-16 22:35:51 -0500 Report

for some people it does. others are not affected.. I didn't notice mine. I should check next time when is hot, I think drinking water may help??

GabbyPA 2010-08-05 10:00:10 -0500 Report

My numbers have been running kind of high all summer. It has been incredibly hot here, nearly 100 almost daily and we are now having a bit of a dry spell, and that makes it worse. My last good numbers were in June. So I would say there is a connection. Even when I exercise it doesn't seem to help as much as it should.

As for the insulin, try calling 877-331-0362 and ask to fill out an application to see if you qualify for discounted meds. This is a company that connects programs with patients. It's worth a try.

vgarrison 2010-08-05 10:02:05 -0500 Report

Thanks Gabby, I'll try that number later…I always say you cant score if you don't shoot…I know I'm corny, but I'm ok with that..LOL!!!

GabbyPA 2010-08-05 10:07:09 -0500 Report

You got that right. We say here in the south, you can't win if you don't play.

I am thinking of going on insulin, I am going to talk to my doctor this month about it. But I am uninsured and they gave me a preliminary approval that would be $99 for the month, but only about $40 a month after that and it would cover two insulins as much as was required. So we will see if it works out. That is still more than my pills, but I really would rather insulin than pills.

vgarrison 2010-08-05 10:10:38 -0500 Report

I know that many people fear going on insulin, but I too prefer it. I am a control freak and not ashamed to admit it, therefore I prefer to be on Insulin. I can take however much I need to cover what I'm eating, with the pills you take what you take and hope for the best. (At least thats how I look at it). I have not been able to see my doctor since March when I lost my insurance, but I have applied for a new job that has benefits, so keep your fingers crossed for me!! I should know something today or tomorrow at the latest…I hope at the latest…my GI track can't anymore of this waiting game!!!!

cpmt 2010-08-16 23:16:42 -0500 Report

are you sure you want to do that? did you check the pros and cons? did you really talked to your doc?

honeybunny464 2010-08-13 18:30:05 -0500 Report

personally, I get all my meds at no cost. Don't know where you live, but in Fla., I go to a Family Clinic associated with the hospital. According to your income, the caseworker makes arrangements with the pharmaceutical companies to suppy your meds at no cost. They are delivered to the Dr's office and are picked up there. You may want to check in your area…even check with the pharm. companies directly. But…like I said, it all depends on income and no insurance. Different variables, but most are really willing to work with you. It has helped me immensely. They will provide everything except pain meds. They are many organizations out there…you just have to find them. Hope this helps, my friend!

cpmt 2010-08-16 23:05:44 -0500 Report

for pain try natural herbs and/or foods or … for example I eat fresh cherries (even if they are fruit) and any anti inflamatory oolong tea, ginger, vitam.D etc. it's better than medication (if you can't pay)

Harlen 2010-08-05 08:57:39 -0500 Report

Thats a hard place to be I have ben there.
One thing you mite try is to call the makers of Novolog and Lantus and tell them what your going thrue thy may give you some to help you get thrue this hard time in your life.
I am much more active in the summer so I use a bit more insulin then in the winter.If you have a Endo they have some onhand and may be able to give you some too? I wish I was able to help you more but I am on Humalog and the pump.Met didnt do a thing for me but upset tummy.
Keep intuch

vgarrison 2010-08-05 09:54:57 -0500 Report

The metphormin upsets my stomach as well, that is why I am trying so very hard not to use it…that and I'm not even sure that it helps.

Thanks Harlen for the advice, I really appreciate it!!!


cpmt 2010-08-16 23:20:33 -0500 Report

YOU MUST TAKE IT WITH FOOD. if you have accid stomach try to take some yellow mostard that will help you … if you are not allergic to mostard,

honeybunny464 2010-08-13 18:34:12 -0500 Report

maybe I misunderstood you…but the more active you are, the less insulin you need if you are taking Lantus. Activity uses up sugar, hence…less Humalog.

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