Night time Leg, feet cramps.

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Started 2010-08-04 08:40:34 -0500

HI, I had cramps in my legs mostly in the winter time back in 2006 and 07. I thought it was just cold weather but It think it was diabetics. In 07 I was Dx.
I had it in 06 according to my blood work. Why the doctor never mentioned it I have not idea.
Anyways, I have a new doctor and he put me in something for leg cramps.
Neurontin . 300mg. It seemed to help at first some. But now they are back worse than ever. The next day I have pain in my leg(s) and it feels painful. I guess cuz of the tension. I walk every day. I take potassium and I drink water. So I dont know what else to do. I am so fed up. I tried many OTC things to help and nothing seems to help very well. I had an ultrasound a few weeks ago to rule out a blood clot even. Thank God I didn't have one.
I am so discouraged. This just is so bothersome. I try to keep my BG low as I can and Try to watch what I eat. I am pretty strict about that.
Thanks for listening. Polly

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snowdove3 2010-08-13 06:29:17 -0500 Report

HI everyone. I am thankful I didn't have a blood clot. Praise God for that.
The doctor has since taken me off Zocor. I hope it helps. I see a little difference but not totally. I am almost sure this is the cause plus maybe
The diabetics. Thanks again everyone.
Hugs, Polly

mas14years 2010-08-12 23:38:08 -0500 Report

I feel your pain. I get terrible leg and feet cramps so bad to where i have to stand up. Like a charlie horse. I was told it was low potassium. My mom gets the absolute worst i have ever seen she would cry and scream. I asked around and found out to try tonic water. We are both cramp free. Please give it a try it really works. It doesnt taste great but its better than those nasty cramps

KimFeilGood 2010-08-09 11:21:13 -0500 Report

Take a couple of firm pillows and fold them in half and shove them at the foot of the bed and make yourself a tent, that will help a little I think.

Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2010-08-04 21:16:15 -0500 Report

Hi! You may need to have the Neurontin increased. I was have leg cramps and jerking and the doctor put me on Cymbalta. It really helps me to get to sleep at night. I also take Neurontin 3200mg a day because I have nuropathy. I hope your doctor will help you get this problem fixed for your comfort.
Your Friend

GabbyPA 2010-08-04 20:35:55 -0500 Report

One of the few things that helps me, besides stretching them out, is asking my hubby to give me foot rubs. I get them in my feet and toes the most. When he does that and sometimes on up into my calf, I am in heaven. Speaking of that...I think I am over due.

Harlen 2010-08-04 09:53:58 -0500 Report

Call your doc and tell them whats going on there are lots of things they can give you
Best wishes

snowdove3 2010-08-04 10:06:07 -0500 Report

Hi Thanks, Have done so. Just waiting on them to get back to me. Thanks.

msonnier26 2010-08-05 00:21:06 -0500 Report

I have the same problems just too scared to go to the doctor so plz let me know what your doctor tells you and maybe it will help me get a step closer to going to my doctor.

Ms. Margaret
Ms. Margaret 2010-08-05 12:17:58 -0500 Report

Please please do not be afraid to go to the doctor for anything. He is there to help you and diabetes should not be fooled around with.

snowdove3 2010-08-13 06:31:08 -0500 Report

yes, please go to the doctor. It could be something else but He can help you better to go than not go. It is a stress buster so to speak not to have to worry about what could be wrong and it isn't.