After The Diagnosis ...

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You have been diagnosed as either pre-diabetic, or diabetic.

Changes in your lifestyle will occur because they are either necessary or unavoidable.

Today starts a "new" life for you, mentally, physically and emotionally, you call the shots (along with your diabetes care team) concerning you care and managing of your diabetes.

Numbers now become much more important in your life, you are an accountant for your diabetes, you are now also a travel agent.
You must decide on a destination and plan on getting there, number crunching and calendar watching along the way.

Lower A1c numbers, daily glucose readings, blood pressure numbers, personal weight loss, vision improvement, cholesterol levels and the reduction of medication are just a few of the many numbers that you now control, or will be in control of soon.

Set your destination in sight and start preparing for your journey.
What's on your personal (diabetes related) agenda ?


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realsis77 2010-08-02 12:45:33 -0500 Report

Hi mays. As you know I've been struggling with high numbers. My personal agenda is to get these numbers down! This site has taught me that it is truly up to me. I know I've failed a lot but today is a new day and a new start! I really need to learn to put better things in my mouth! I feel pretty guilty about my failures its time I succeed! I'm so new at this and some things I really don't know if I can eat or not. I will be making a trip to the grocery store soon any suggestions on what I should buy is greatly appreciated! Thanks may!

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