Work at Home Tips?

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I have a friend in New York on disability who is having serious money issues. There are so many scams out there promising fortunes to people with surveys and all kinds of bogus "opportunities." I was wondering if anyone here works from home in legitimate jobs that I can share with him. I have picked up a few bucks selling on Ebay and I do website design for extra cash but his skills aren't suited for either type of work. Any leads, advice or insight?

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SanCon 2010-08-08 22:41:08 -0500 Report

I have worked from home for about 2 years for a wonderful company called MDSI, Medical Data Services, Inc, based out of Lawton, Oklahoma. You can go to the website listed it should take you to their home page. The woman who started this company is a personal friend after these two years of working for her and she has a wonderful testimony of how God set her free from a suicidal spirit after 19 years. Bless her heart she was traumatized by her mothers suicide at her home. This is a legitimate company that hires based on experience and transcribes not only for major hospitals but does legal work too. Also you work only at home. Just not sure what type of experience your friend has or even if this person can do the work. It requires a 1000 lines per week after a 2-3 month training period, and pay starts at 5cents per line, which doesn't seem like much but if you plug away for 8 hours a day you can make pretty good money, a line is only 60 characters including spaces and commas, etc. There are regular pay raises, holiday pay and other bonuses regarding incetive pay as well. They will also send out the equipment, dictaphone, foot pedal, software and etc for free as a "loaner" meaning you return it if you quit, and anything including office supplies, extra phone line and things like that are tax deductable, The typist is considered a "contractor" therfore we don't have taxes to pay until the end of the year. Check out the site, and good luck overall.

ston3xc 2010-08-02 07:52:37 -0500 Report

I have a hobby that I'm trying to turn into a business as we speak. I design and make jewelry and I'm trying to get tools in place to get a website up. I have a design for unique kind of bracelet and one day I inquired about patents and marketing licenses etc,etc.Long story short- This one company would put my product before a licensing committee for $7,000! Lot of people out there waiting to take advantage of the unwary. My daughter makes extra money as a mystery shopper but it is only periodic.

GabbyPA 2010-08-01 18:29:21 -0500 Report

I get calls every week from some group trying to cash in on my inquiry over 4 years ago for home based businesses. I am crummy at sales and most of them involve selling something. If it costs a lot of money, I say stay away. I did have one that worked out great for me it was kind of like the "in home parties" to sell products. But two months after I started, they discontinued the program. I was bummed. I did get to keep my products though and that was very kind of them, as they also returned my money. I was on track to be making a few 100 bucks a month. Oh well.

Sometimes affiliate programs can work well if you can set up a website for yourself and get it out there so that your affiliates some exposure. Those usually don't cost up front and have a % on any sales that come through your site. I have had marginal success with that, but that is mostly because I was not able to keep my website up to date and yahoo's geo-cities closed it's web pages last October. I have been too busy to get something else started.