Dictatorship is never easy ... reposted

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Diabetes causes us to become Dictators.
(originally posted 1/31/2010)

As Diabetics, there is a constant struggle within our bodies for control.
Diabetes is unique in the sense that it is and can be a life long struggle once you are diagnosed and the potential consequences of the complications can leave you close to death if not dead if you do not fight back and try to take back some control of your body and it's functions.

It may be hard at times and seem hopeless but being a dictator always is.
We must constantly do what is right, no matter how painful, time consuming and emotionally draining it becomes.
Our mood swings go from extreme highs to depth defying lows and " Why " becomes a fixture in our vocabulary and we all have our different ways of dealing with it.

Never right but always wrong in the eyes of the non - diabetic, sometimes misunderstood, never envied
The fight to take back control will always be an uphill battle, one that must be won today and refought again tomorrow.

There is no reason why it can't be done, we've worked this hard, come this far, don't know how far we will have to go.

All we know is that we can, we must and we will.
It won't be easy, but we can make it better for one another.
All it takes is Compassion, Understanding, Cooperation and Communication.


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