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By bustamma Latest Reply 2010-07-31 20:40:02 -0500
Started 2010-07-31 11:06:51 -0500

I have tried to give up my diet coke and have switched over to Sobe waters has helped with the thirst and took up walking & running so let's see how much it helps it's been two weeks!

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msonnier26 2010-07-31 20:16:01 -0500 Report

what is everyone's intake on "sugar free" drinks? I drink a lot of Crystal Lite and Hawian punch drinks with no sugar. I need input on these drinks.

MAYS 2010-07-31 20:37:26 -0500 Report

The concern should be on what type of sweetener is used in these and other sugar free drinks, and their possible side effects:


Mama Dee
Mama Dee 2010-07-31 20:40:02 -0500 Report

Ok I'm busted never really paid much attention (since we don't everyday). But I will from now on. Thanks .

Working 4 Jesus, & Loving it.

GabbyPA 2010-07-31 19:20:04 -0500 Report

The wonderful thing is if you get the Sobe with the purvia in it instead of the splenda, you will be doing yourself even a better favor. There are a few more carbs in it, but you won't have artificial sweeteners in it and it will be better for you. I love the berry yum flavor.

Mama Dee
Mama Dee 2010-07-31 17:06:06 -0500 Report

Yes we like the Fuze also & I love the Slenderize taste real good. For we don't drink soda's that is very rare months in between,if not longer. The blessings is that Michael is not a sweeteater but he sure nuff is a meat & potato eater.

Working 4 Jesus, & Loving it.

thabrat30 2010-07-31 16:58:53 -0500 Report

Those are good as are the Fuze "Slenderize" drinks. There are 4 different flavors with as few as 1g of carbs and 0g of sugar and as many as 2g carbs and 1g sugar. They are also very low calorie. I am addicted to them!

Mama Dee
Mama Dee 2010-07-31 16:54:20 -0500 Report

Happy day,

We haven't found a Sobe product that we have not like as of jet. Now can't tell you if it will help w/weight lost but the do taste good.

Working 4 Jesus, & Loving it.

Harlen 2010-07-31 16:50:15 -0500 Report

Please keep us posted on how your doing
I know its hard ben there and done that
Best wishes

bettymachete 2010-07-31 13:39:11 -0500 Report

Yes please continue to let us know, how they work for you. I have a friend addicted to them. I have never tried them yet.

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