What a summer I had.

Blue Angel
By Blue Angel Latest Reply 2010-08-01 01:08:17 -0500
Started 2010-07-30 23:02:14 -0500

My BS was every where the last month. I had two deaths in my family. I had to got to two funerals a week a part one here in AZ & the other in CAL. Left one to go to the other. I was not eating like I was suppose to. Well since I got back it is no better. My summer is almost over. My little one will be going back to school in Aug. And I'm still getting things organized since I been back a.n on top of that Back been giving me the blues. Man when can I get some sleep? But I"m getting there. My question is have anybody tried Gucema ( skakes to help when u don't eat)?

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bettymachete 2010-08-01 01:08:17 -0500 Report

I am so sorry it's been tough for you. That stress factor is a doozy for sure! I recently found that out myself. I have never tried glucerna. I am not particularly fond of targeted labeled diabetic foods mainly because I feel they are opportunists who get people in a habit of buying their high priced meals, snacks, shakes..etc. There are natural foods out there. But as Gabby said, use what works for you!! I did find though that with stress effecting you it will take some time to get your numbers in order. I just kept at trying to eat well and taking some time out for myself as I was able. I'm sorry this isn't much help. I do hope things start leveling out for you and you are able to feel better soon :)


Harlen 2010-07-31 10:12:39 -0500 Report

Sorry for all you have ben thrue hope your feeling better soon
Stress can drive up BS faster then anything.
I try not to use the shakes but just have good snacks,It seams to work better for me.
Best wishes

GabbyPA 2010-07-31 08:16:31 -0500 Report

Yes, I can see how you might be out of sorts. Those kinds of events will stay with you for a while. I am sorry for you to have suffered so much grief in such a short time. It really doesn't give you time to process it, so don't be surprised if it catches up to you in when you least expect it. Regrouping is hard when you are being pulled in all directions. Unfinished tasks will make you feel the same way...so once a few things are resolved, I bet you will have a really good cry, maybe a bit of an anger session and then find the relief you are seeking. You will be fine, and we are here for those days too.

I don't mind the Glucerna food products, but they do cost a lot when you can get the same thing from a protein shake or other generic product. I used the bars mostly for on the road snacking, they seem to help me out and keep me out of the chip bag! LOL Just make sure you look at the labels and compare the vital information. But if they are helping you through this tough time, then use what works.