Eating On-The-Go: Easy and Cost Effectively!

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How many of you have VERY BUSY and crazy schedules on a daily bases. How about being out and about and knowing you might miss a meal being out. If this is you, you are in the same situation as I am. One should NEVER skip out on a meal(s) because you don't have time to. That is not a good excuse anymore. You are messing up your hormones and metabolism by doing this. There is always a way you can have the best of both ways. You can always take a small something and place it either in your purse, backpack, locker, or vehicle. You can also SAVE MONEY and improve your eating out habits.

There is a cost effective and easy way you can do this. The cost effective way you can do this is instead of buying the prepackaged stuff, why not do it yourself. Most of the cost involved is the packaging. I buy applesauce, SF jello, SF pudding, and other goods, I use a "small" storage container (or plastic bag) proportionally sized for the serving amount and take it with me. Now, I know some of you are kind of wondering, "than how do I know the carb serving if I need to know it"? One of my daughters friends uses these labels (about the size of a small mailing label) and placed them on their snack/meal. Anyone can make these at home on their computer. I got a little creative and made my own version of her friends labels.

This what information I placed on my labels (in this order):
* Meal
* Carbs
* Serv. Amnt
* Notes

I have shaved off over $50.00 in my monthly grocery bill, allowed more control of my portions, and healthier eating. It has also cut back on me spending extra money on eating at the fast food places (and gas stations), therefore saving even more money there. I completely understand there are times when it is good to also have the prepackaged as well. I still buy the meal and protein bars as well. If I do "have to" eat fast food, I STILL utilize a "good" restaurant carb counters guide as well. Be aware of the foods you are eating when you are out. You may be surprised at what you see.

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Harlen 2010-07-28 15:15:48 -0500 Report

Thats so good.
I have benn making my own food for so long I pack it all the time I eat better and cover for the carbs on sunday I would pack all my lunches takes 90 min I make my wifes too and she would not have it any other way lol
As well as I know whats in it.
Best wishes All