Diabetes 1 and Celiac Disease

By Rebecca2010 Latest Reply 2010-07-27 19:56:45 -0500
Started 2010-07-27 14:22:17 -0500

I am new - don't even have photo in yet. I have a real hard time balancing my diabetes and celiac foods that help one but elevates the other. I would sure like to learn more about dealing with the two together.

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Crashnot 2010-07-27 19:56:45 -0500 Report

Hi Rebecca,

I've been type 1 for 43 years and just discovered I'm also celiac last fall. So it has been a pretty quick learning curve!

Most of the celiac foods are so high carb I don't even go there. But I am having good luck making my own substituting bean and flax flour for the rice flour. Still have to use corn, potato or tapioca starch to get a nice texture, but many of the recipes I am working on come out to 15 carbs per serving, which is well in-line and not sugar spiking.

I am trying to post them on a website, but it's been slow-going with all our summer activities. If you're feeling brave you can check in periodically to see what new mixes I've found: http://glutenfreerecipes.webs.com/

Do you do much cooking of your own, or depend on things you can buy from the stores? There are so many recipe sites for gluten-free, but none of them give much attention to the weight you can gain from them or the sugar spikes they will cause! So I try to resubstitute low-carb flours for high-carb ones, and hope for the best. It's usually very edible, if not quite the texture I wanted!


sc1boy 2010-07-27 17:08:17 -0500 Report

hi I have both type 1 and celiac and it is hard but u can do it. it just takes some time to read and figure out what u need to eat and how to cal. all the carbs when u go out to eat