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Mrs. Chief
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I find my BG higher in the AM after fasting then they were when I went to bed the night before. I know that it is that the liver dumps sugar but what can I do to prevent this. I tryed eating a couple crackers or have eaten 6 almonds, but that doesn't help. The only thing I find is if I have my BG 170 to 190 when I go to bed, & I try not to have my BG every that high. I am not on any meds. or insulin and have been controling with diet & exercise and with doing so have lost 18 lbs in 20 weeks.

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Mrs. Chief
Mrs. Chief 2010-07-30 23:47:21 -0500 Report

I just took a great class today about the diet for diabetes and was very helpful about the evening snack and having BG in control by being sure the 2:1 ratio for carbs : protein and to have my BG alittle higher at bedtime than I have been thinking it should be. I so want to keep in control without medications.

Crashnot 2010-07-27 10:11:39 -0500 Report

Keep up the great weight loss! And cut those carbs before bed, especially since you are on no medications. Nuts, meats, cheese are all good for overnight if you're not on insulin.

Harlen 2010-07-27 05:28:18 -0500 Report

You mite try long lasting insulin it may help ??
I will eat cheese and ham or other meet rather then carbs it works better for me give it a try
Best wishes

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