LOWS - when you are controlling by diet and exercise?

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Started 2010-07-26 10:13:31 -0500

I've never had a dangerous low (except I think I did before I was diagnosed) and I had a few when it ws time to get off Metformin after I lost weight. But I was wondering, does anyone know if those who control by diet and exercise, like I do now, are in danger of going too low? I have read that those like me most likely don't have to worry about that. That it happens to those on insulin or on pills. But I'm not sure I believe that completely.

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laurafaye 2014-07-23 23:15:59 -0500 Report

I am not on any type of meds but I do drop low many times over night or while being active so I agree that it doesn't only happen to those on meds all I have been able to do is watch my bs lvls and eat when needed

MAYS 2010-07-26 13:31:20 -0500 Report

I agree with kdroberts, I would believe that unless there is medication involved in controlling your diabetes as a type 2 diabetic, that the chances of having a diabetic "low" are, and would be slim to possibly none.


kdroberts 2010-07-26 10:25:58 -0500 Report

With no medication the likelihood of going low is very small. The only situation where it might be an issue is if you have good natural insulin production and you overindulge and send your blood sugar very high. Sometimes when that happens your pancreas will have a meltdown and over produce which can send you low. Luckily pancreas insulin is very, very short acting so it won't last very long and you probably wont go dangerously low. Remember though that the definition of low blood sugar for people without diabetes is less than 60, back in the day authorities decided that 70 for diabetics was better because it gave a little buffer for accidents with insulin.