Type 1 Predispositions

Marc Mandelbaum
By Marc Mandelbaum Latest Reply 2010-07-27 19:46:16 -0500
Started 2010-07-25 22:45:25 -0500

My father became a type 1 diabetic at age 13… i was wondering if anyone might know if there are ways to possibly prevent my son and daughter from getting type 1 as they approach their 10 years old?

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jinksk 2010-07-27 17:46:26 -0500 Report

This is my 1st post, just joined. I a diabetic for 51 years & I am 59. I an anRN & a CDE (certified Diabetes Educator). In my famiLy of 3 br's & ! sister, my 3 bros & I have juvenile diabetes. We all got it before the age of 10. At that time there is no family with that amount of children like this. I do not have ANY complications, of course I keep myself in very tight control. I am afraid of the same conditionds (as all of you probably are). I do my blood sugars 8 x's day, including 1 during the night. Of course I cover my BS when needed with HUMALOG insulin. I hope all of you are on this type of fast acting insulin. As far as heredity goes, Type 1 is NOT inhereratid. The autoimmune disease gene could be inhererited but there is only a slight chance that that would effect the pancrease. I know this might not be read at the bottom of this discussion but I don't know how to flag it.

kdroberts 2010-07-26 21:40:09 -0500 Report

Lots of things have been theorized from drinking cows milk to not getting enough sun. Until they figure out the causes its pretty tough to try and figure out lifestyle changes to prevent it.

GabbyPA 2010-07-26 17:54:12 -0500 Report

At the risk of sounding like a kook, I have also heard that some actual childhood vaccines can be triggers as well. I have not researched it deeply, but it might be something you look at.

Richard157 2010-07-26 22:12:54 -0500 Report

Yes Gabby, there is a doctor in Maryland who has researched this with very positive results. He says the majority of his very young type 1 patients becam diabetics due to having severak vaccines in a relatively shiort period of time.

GabbyPA 2010-07-27 17:47:54 -0500 Report

So if this is being studied, couldn't they be spread out more to prevent something like this. I would be horrified if something I was doing to help my kids turned out to be the trigger for them. What a sad state of affairs.

Diabetes Nurse
Diabetes Nurse 2010-07-27 19:46:16 -0500 Report

The challenge here is that childhood diseases like chicken pox, measles, and even a flue virus has been linked to triggering Type 1 diabetes. I suppose if you know your child has the gene for Type 1 diabetes you could possibly prevent him/her from getting vaccines and drinking milk, but you can't keep him/her in a bubble to prevent all the other possible triggers. What is needed is a way to neutralize the gene.

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