high blood sugar count

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how do I lower it, I f I am on oral meds??

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Kirla 2010-07-23 14:55:20 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed with a fasting blood sugar of 366 and A1C of 14.1. I started to drink lots of water eat lots of low carb vegetables and my blood sugar dropped pretty quickly. It took about a month to a month in a half for my blood sugar to get near normal levels.

I also tested my blood sugar before and 2 hours after each meal. After several months I decided to test before and 1 hour after eating. I stopped eating foods that spiked my blood sugar more than 30-40 points. I found that foods like bread and grains, pasta, potatoes and foods containing more than 5-6 net carbs per serving spiked my blood sugar and had to quit eating them.

Good luck

GabbyPA 2010-07-23 09:09:23 -0500 Report

How High are you talking about?

If you are really high like 400+ then go to the hospital. If you are below 300 you can exercise, but not if you are over. Water is always a good option, but it may take a while to work, so be careful with your carbs in any meals following the high. If your levels don't start to decrease after 2 hours, then you need to talk to your doctor about working out a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals.

The other thing is how long have you been taking your meds. Some take weeks to start being effective, so if it is all new, it might just take some time to get going.

Harlen 2010-07-22 19:27:23 -0500 Report

I fined that drinking a lot of water helps get it down for me .
I hope this helps
Best wishes

alanbossman 2010-07-22 19:25:04 -0500 Report

Hi and welcome to DC community What kind of oral meds are you on?
To lower high BS drink water excrise and eat lower carb meals and potion size meals. half your plate should be vegs another 1/4 your meat or fish chicken breast skinless or turkey and the other 1/4 fruit or brown rice no white bread or white rice or potatoes those white items will raise your BS. hope this helps

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