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Hi Folks, I am DJ and I am a type 2 diabetic. Some here know me,but I have been absent for a while and just popped in from time to time to check out the discussions…Sorry to be gone for so long,(a bit over a year I think..),but had some medical issues I was dealing with,eye surgery and digestive issues mainly. Just wanted to get back in here and say "Hi" to my old friends and hopefully make some new friends!!
The Mouse has returned…:)

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DJ 2010-07-24 08:57:42 -0500 Report

Hello to all my old friends and to all the new Friends…Please if I am not on your friends list I sure hope you will add me!! Ok, so I have to be honest…it isn't actually a white is a lab rat, and I chose my avatar at a point in my life when I felt like a human experiment, all the sticking,pokeing,proding,and experimenting with diabeties drugs,Insulin,Diet changes…the extreme highs and lows,All spelled "Lab Rat" to me…so that's what my avatar is all about.
Now,just a bit about me and my journey with this condition…I have been through most all the stages with this and yes it is a daily battle, but that is the secret to this condition,"One Day at a Time" & Knowlege. Learn everything you can and learn what works for YOU, because what works for someone else doesn't necessarily work for YOU…Ok, and right now you are asking "why is she typing YOU in caps??? It is ALL ABOUT YOU…Not your family,not your friends…YOU. YOU have to become a bit selfish with this condition, you have to find the time to take care of YOU…your diet,your exersize,your testing,your mind,your life…and then guess what..The rest will all fall into place. You all have made a big step in the right direction just by joining DC, there is a wealth of information and knowlege here, and some of the most wonderful and amazing people you will find anywhere!!
We all get depressed,we all get frustrated but having at least one place to come and Share, Learn,Vent and Laugh will help.

DJ 2010-07-27 07:39:18 -0500 Report

OK, so I came back and now I am leaving again…You know people say that if you say something,No matter what it is..and others don't acknowlege it,then you haven't stirred them to react, but if people comment whether it be good or bad comments then you have at least affected them in some way and that is good…Dear Friends "Be affected",and be well!!
Hugz,*DJ Mouse Out

DJ 2010-07-28 09:41:03 -0500 Report

Ok, so yeah…I changed my mind, and I have decided to stay and not allow a few opinions to chase me away again…I will be "affected" and have been and will continue to be by the many wonderful people here…and besides I still have sooooo much to learn and where better to do that??

Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2010-07-23 11:33:14 -0500 Report

Welcome back! I hope your other medical problems are doing better. I have gastroparesis (paralized stomach). So I have great compasion for your digestive issues. Please take care of yourself.
Your Friend

RAYT721 2010-07-22 17:00:26 -0500 Report

Glad you've come back to squeak and squawk a little more on the site. I'm looking forward to hearing more from and about you. Welcome to the mouse in the house!!!

GabbyPA 2010-07-22 10:46:28 -0500 Report

It is good to see that little white mousie back!! We have missed you and hope to see you around.

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