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i'm getting my sugar down now with the new pill i'm on and the times i have to chack my blood and all and do it at night.now all i have to do get my weight off i need to loss and i will fell better and i'm getting mad getting push in too stuff that i dont want to do like get in the water.2 weeks a ago i got a shot in my foot for pin and my foot was ready big and stuff. it has been too hot to do any thing down here in nc . boy friend yells at me to much about stuff around the house not getting done when my foot swell up

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Two painful feet
Two painful feet 2010-07-23 11:59:24 -0500 Report

Hi! DeeDee,
I'm sure happy that you are getting you BS numbers down. As for getting the weight off it takes time. Don't get discouraged be happy when you lose even one pound. I was gaining weight and now I have lost 5 lbs. I just make sure I'm not having to many carbs and trying to exercise as much as I can. I'm in a power wheelchair so I use my arms to exercise. If you don't have any weights to lift use two cans of something from your cupboard. I have faith that you can over come your trials. Jesus is waiting for you to ask him for help.

Your Friend

Gimpalong 2011-07-20 15:18:15 -0500 Report

You gave some great information for DeeDee to use. My doctor had me get a device that is similar to the ads on TV, but more sturdy. I can sit in my chair and pedal, plus use some pull ropes to exercise my shoulders, and I can use my stretch bands for abs with it, too. It does give you a workout, even when you think you haven't done much with it. The next day I found that my muscles were really screaming, don't touch that thing again! lol I'm doing better.. You're right, Jesus is waiting for us to ask Him for help. Isn't life great? Lots of hugs and prayers, Nancy

Harlen 2010-07-21 20:26:15 -0500 Report

Hi Deedee
Get a new boy frend lol I love my wife and when she is down I pick up the slack as when I am down she dose for me thats a team and if your not a team then your gust frends with bennys lol
when I am sitting I play with a 10lb dumb bell just playing with it and that helps a lot lol .
Best wishes

GabbyPA 2010-07-21 18:16:13 -0500 Report

Hey DeeDee,
Good to have you here. It sounds like you will get all kinds of great support that is lacking right now. Great that you are lowering your sugar levels, any step in the right direction is progress. Other things will come as you grow more confident it dealing with where you are at the moment.

Mama Dee
Mama Dee 2010-07-21 17:00:02 -0500 Report

Happy day deedee68,
When you are sitting & have time for your self stop & talk w/God even though He knows what is going on w/you talk to Him about it. Pull out His word & study it build that relationship that He wants all of us to have w/Him. Start doing this early in the day I will quarantee you that once you start giving God some time He will double your time. Ask Him for strenght ask Him for wisdom on when how & what you eat. He will give you the desires of your heart but remember that you have to put in time.(exercise) a little @ a time.

Workign 4 Jesus, & Loving it,
Mama Dee

Gimpalong 2011-07-20 15:22:21 -0500 Report

Great advice. He's the best health director there is that I know of! Take care of you. Have a blessed week. Nancy