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Can someone give me some good recipes that arent very fattening and have low carbs and sugar please i could really use the help im only 14 thanxs

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Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2010-07-23 02:05:53 -0500 Report

What types of food do you like? If you list a few that might help someone who knows an easy low carb and low sugar way to fix it or an alternative to it.
I have just started playing around with some of my former favorite recipes.
I like apple. celery, walnut and chcken salad. It usually is mixed with mayonaise. But last week I made it with lowfat caramel apple yogurt. I was very happy with it. Just chop up an apple, some celery, and some cooked chicken. Mix it with the yogurt. I like my walnuts crunchy, so I add them to the salad ijust before eating it. Cashews are also good in it.
Often a recipe can be made ussing less fat than is called for. You can substitute ingredients if there is a version of the product that is lower in fat. Check at the store for reduced fat items. Low fat yogurt can be used in place of sour cream and or mayonaise or salad dressing.
This weekend I'm going to a family weekend get together. I'm the only Diabetic. One of the desserts planned is chocolate fondue. I'm taking a version I can eat a little of. I've experimented by microwaving 48 semi sweet chocolate chips for 20 secs on High. Adding about 1 Tbsp of Almond Butter and a slosh of Almond Milk. Then dipped various nuts in it. Was very good. Has about 20 carbs in the chocolate mixture. I mixed in about 1/2 cup of cshew pieces. I snacked on about 1/2 of the mixture. Havae the rest waiting for another day. It took about 2 mins. It has a whole lot less sugar than the recipes my sister showed me that she is bringing.
Splenda has a very good website witha lot of good and easy recipes. Check them out and also the Splenda Canada website. Also other companies have websites and a lot of them seem to include a few low sugar low fat recipes.
Diana's Desserts has a Diabetic section.

GabbyPA 2010-07-21 18:25:36 -0500 Report

You are 14 and wanting to cook? That is fantastic! I have been cooking since I was about 7, still remember my first cookbook. I get excited when I see young people interested in cooking. Are you doing this for your personal diabetes or are you doing it for the family?

There are a lot of recipes in our Recipe section in the site that have the nutritional values included.

RAYT721 2010-07-21 17:20:06 -0500 Report

Check out (pardon the pun) your local library for lots of diabetic friendly cookbooks. Just make sure to pay attention to serving sizes which is sometimes the hardest part to planning for carbs, protein, fat, etc. The internet is loaded with not only recipes that suit what you're looking for but that have "tried and true" ratings and testimonials. One word of advice if you see the name "Paula Deen," I can assure you it's not diabetic friendly although I love her to death. Any recipe make with a 55 gallon drum of butter should not be on your menu planner. I'm just sayin'

Crashnot 2010-07-21 16:35:02 -0500 Report

That's a big list Bieber! Have you tried looking at the "Recipes" link on the left of the screen? There should be a few that meet your criteria.

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