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When I start anything I check my BS. It will be arond 100, I got do work(mowing yard, mopping,moving around working up the hearth rate,etc.) my BS go into 300-400. I not doing any intake of anything. So why does this happen how do I deal with this?

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GabbyPA 2010-07-21 18:40:05 -0500 Report

Another thing is to test 30 minutes after your exercise. This gives your body a chance to use some of what might have been dumped into your blood stream. A 300-400 is very high and you may want to talk to your doctor if the ideas that KD and Crashnot have shared don't work.

Diane987 2010-07-21 14:35:13 -0500 Report

I used to belong to a gym. They had this really hot instructor who taught an aerobics class and a spinning class back to back a couple of times a week. Because the instructor was hot, and I enjoyed the view, I did both classes. I made sure my blood sugar would be around 120 before I started the first class so it wouldn't go low. I never bothered checking the after exercise BS because I felt good. One day I did check and it was over 300. While I mentally was enjoying the instructor, my body figured I must be running from someone to be doing all this crap! It was in survival mode trying to provide me with all the energy it could to "save myself". I'm a big woman and I do a lot of aerobic activity. My breathing will be fine, but my heart rate will be high. The problem is I always feel good, even if my heart rate is in the upper portion of the target zones. I have had to learn to slow down my activity level so my heart rate stays within the fat burning range or lower portion of the target heart rate. When I do that I still get my exercise in without stressing out my body. The way I stay in range is to take 20-30 seconds to stop moving and have a drink of water. Then I get back to my activity. This allows my body to lower my heart rate some and my body does not stress out.

Crashnot 2010-07-21 13:10:54 -0500 Report

Your liver stores sugar in it for times of duress. When you exercise, it's probably going into survival mode and flooding you with sugar. Ad KD says, have a low-carb, high-protein type snack before hand to keep the liver in check. I like a slice of cheese, beef jerky (if it's not high-sugar), some turkey meat, a bit of peanut butter, or a handful of nuts.

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