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hello everyone,
my son was diagnosed with type 1.he is 7 yrs old.we are thinking of getting him a pump.any suggesstions of what kind of pump is best..i am thinking of medtronic.. thanks…

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Harlen 2010-07-21 20:21:00 -0500 Report

Med tronic has the featchers that lock kids out I dont know if the others do or not ?
I use medtronic 722 and I love it and it works well
Best wishes

monkeymama 2010-07-21 21:17:22 -0500 Report

Hi Harlen, Animas also has this option as well. I sometimes lock it at night time, just to play it safe.

monkeymama 2010-07-21 19:45:45 -0500 Report

Hello there, I am a fellow pumper of almost 3 years now. Here is a web site that might help you out http://www.diabetesnet.com/diabetes_technolog... This web site compares all of the insulin pumps that are out there currently (except the Cozmo is no longer available).

Here is a few tips in helping you make a decision as well:
1. What will your insurance cover?
2. What qualities are you wanting and looking for in this insulin pump?
3. Request brochures from these companies and review them.

I am currently been using the new Animas PING. It comes with a meter remote which you can control up to 10ft. away. If your son likes swimming, it is also waterproof up to 12ft for 24hrs. The customers service and helping in getting my new pump was very smooth and easy. Once you contact them, you fill out an info sheet (including insurance info) and consent to call doctor. From there, they handle it all for you. i had my new pump within 3 months after. The upgrade program is WONDERFUL as well and very nicely priced. The have skims that are rubber to all help protect the pump from dings and being dropped/smashed into something. I have dropped my pump over 3 times and NEVER has it broke. I use the a Lithium battery in mine and it lasts OVER 6-8 weeks before I have to change it.

Once and if you do get a pump. Here are a few companies that make case/packs to help with holding it if he is wearing pj's, sports, and more:
www.pumpwear.com (they also have a wonderful family camp for families with children on a pump with LOADS of fun for the whole family), www.angelbearpumpstuff.com and more.

If you haver any more questions, I would be more then happy to help you in any way possible. Best of wishes to you and your quest for a insulin pump for your son. It will all be well worth the effort and help it gives you. I love mine and have only had about 3 lows in almost 3 years.


ashba 2010-07-21 22:14:41 -0500 Report

Thank you for replying.
What kind of inset do you use, also can you tell me if Animas has BG monitoring capabilities?

we are right now debating between Animas and MiniMeds.

monkeymama 2010-07-22 16:18:13 -0500 Report

The Animas PING offers a BG meter that can link right up to the insulin pump up to 10ft away. It also comes with all the cords and PC programs you need to download the pump/meter info to your PC. I am using the inset (not the inset 30). The inset is so easy to use and very gentle. They come in either a 6mm or a 9mm and offer different cord lengths (4 different colors too). If you do go with Animas, they also give you a certificate to get a free skin to try. The customer service and help I got from Animas was wonderful. With my new Endo, he asked me to look into Medtronic as well for my new pump I am going to be due for. There were somethings I liked but ultimately when I found out the meter remote was extra and I did not have to pay for mine through Animas. I have decided to remain with Animas. Rumor also has it that by the end of this year, Animas WILL HAVE a CGM in connection with the PING. I am so excited for this.

monkeymama 2010-07-22 19:05:19 -0500 Report

I forgot to tell you this! The BG meter/remote doesn't just do your BG and sends it to your pump. You can do you carbing in as well. If you lose the meter/remote, the pump will still work no matter what meter you use.

Anonymous 2010-07-21 18:09:41 -0500 Report

Hi, I dont blieve a child of 7 is mature and responsible enough to use a pump. There is a lot involved with it and it need to be watched closely if a child is using it. I was diagnosed at 13 and the doctor made me wait until 15 to get a pump. I must say that was a bit much, but I wouldnt recommend them to anyone under 10. This is just my opinion as a pump user and a former pump support group leader.

LKeplinger 2010-07-22 13:07:52 -0500 Report

Each must be assessed on maturity and responsibility. Don't assume that a 7 yr old is incapable. My son, at the age of 5, was giving his own injections…and at the age of 8 was using a pump.

ashba 2010-07-26 18:18:24 -0500 Report

thanks so much.i've ordered medtronics for my son,i think it would be good for him..how's ur son doing?when was he diagnosed?even though my son's #s are really good..A1C is fine,i just gets so depressed thinking about all the complications of diabetes.how r u coping with all this?

LKeplinger 2010-08-01 21:26:18 -0500 Report

He was diagnosed at the age of 5— he will be 18 in 2 days!!! Healthy, happy, athletic, loves jamming (plays drums) with his friends. You cannot dwell on the negative—- I know how difficult it is for a parent—- we grieve horribly for that which this insidious disease takes from our children. But know that diabetes has not slowed my son a bit. I think the most important thing we learned NOT to do was to become overly obsessed with "the numbers"— those numbers just represent a point in time. Numbers can be "fixed" and managed. Trends are what need to be scrutinized. Trends indicate something needs to be tweaked. Hang in there!!! And enjoy the days with him— before you know it you will be ordering his high school graduation announcements for him!!!!!

Crashnot 2010-07-21 13:15:37 -0500 Report

Pumps are a Godsend for today's kids. I was 11 months when I was diagnosed, and things were a lot trickier! But it's still not easy.

Medtronics' pump is kind of the gold standard. I like it because I can download all the info (you could even do it while your son is sleeping) and see charts of all my carb & insulin activity over time. This is a huge help in figuring out better doses as he grows and his insulin needs change.

I've been using Medtronics for a year and like it. One note though, their supplies are very high-priced. I overcame that by getting insulin cartridges from a company called Applied Diabetes Research Inc. Much cheaper and half their profits go to Diabetes research (bet a buck Medtronics doesn't donate much!). Using their cartridge allows you to use any infusion set (tubing) that you like. The Medtronics cartridge only works with thier higher-priced tubing, but the Applied Research cartridge will fit into any tubing.

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