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I would like more information on them. Do you think it, help improve you're Diabetes management? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a pump? I would like the people who are using a pump to respond to my email.

Thank you;

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lizzylady1 2010-07-21 19:17:16 -0500 Report

Hi, I have been on the pump for 12 years now. I must say I fought it for 2 years before getting it. Now Im kicking myself for waiting. Before the pump I was very ill, depressed and unemployable do to my constant highs and lows throughout the day. I couldn't go out with friends or exercise because I was too brittle. Then I went on the pump. It was a life saver. After 3 weeks my sugars were better to the point where I could work again. It was all uphill from there. I am now active and go out to eat with friends, and can exercise without much of an issue. The pump makes it so much easier to exercise without lows because you can change your basal during and after exercise. Its not perfect, but Id highly recommend it. If you have any questions feel free to ask

Elrond 2010-07-21 15:18:28 -0500 Report

I'm fairly new to pumping and it's the best thing I've done since being diagnosed with diabetes. It gives me much more freedom with meal planning and I love not needing to stick myself 4 or more times a day. The catheter insertions are done only about once every 3 days and are surprisingly less painful than a needle injection. After that, the pump figures out how much insulin you need and even reminds you to test. The only big trick is figuring your carbs correctly. But as a diabetic, you should be doing that anyway. My doctor and I are still fine-tuning my pump to correct some after-dinner highs but we're approaching that carefully. So far, they're being caught and corrected in the 2-hour after-meal test but we'd like to eliminate them altogether. Other than that, my sugars rarely get over 200 and are usually very close to 100. A low requiring action is almost unheard-of. Before the pump, my sugars were all over the map, usually very high. As long as you can successfuly count carbs, I strongly recommend a pump.

stacey71 2010-07-21 08:18:12 -0500 Report

i have been on the pump for 4 years and i just love it . when i first starrted my aic was like 10 and it down to 6.3 in the first 3 months on it and now it does not go any higher then 7.3 here is the website for minimed that is where i got my pump from i will be getting a new pump in about 2 weeks from now

Harlen 2010-07-21 07:22:29 -0500 Report

I have benn on the pump for over a year now and I love my pump
up side good #s ,no shots ,great A1c's,Freedom to have a treet every so often
no overnight lows or highs ,good god I can go on and on Down side hummmmmm pumping is not cheep and thats the only thing I can think of
O and you will use less insulin.
Best wishes

KarenSue10 2010-07-20 22:15:47 -0500 Report

I have been on my Omni Pod pump for about 6 months now and it is working wonders. My BS is in the 100s now where before I was in the 3-400. OmniPod is the tubeless pump. It is very convient

Ellenmd53 2010-07-20 22:11:35 -0500 Report

I have been a pumper for 8 years and LOVE it. Talk to your diabetes educator, but it's really the greatest thing that happened to me post-diagnosis.

tooter 2010-07-20 22:09:38 -0500 Report

i v been on my pump for a month and my bloodsuger is in the low 100 before mine where very high i love my pump

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