How many Carbs can I have a Day

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Im not sure how many carbs I can have in a day I used the BMI calculator and did everything the way it said and it said I could have 160 carbs a day does this sound right I am new at this carb counting thing so Im still a little confused

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EmiliaK 2010-08-08 20:04:47 -0500 Report

Hello Suzy,

You can use this formula to figure out your carbs. Let's say you are in a 1,500 calorie diet. You calculate 50% of 1,500 = 750. Then you divide 750 by 4 (the number of calories in each carb) = 187.50. You can split it as follows:

If you have 3 meals and 3 snacks you can have 40 carbs in each of the three main meals and 20 carbs in each snack.

Make sure your carbs are whole such as whole bread, whole pasta, brown rice, etc.

But, as some people advised you here, be alert at your reaction when you eat certain carbs and to the amount you eat.

Emilia Klapp,RD, BS

suzyqsims 2010-08-08 23:54:23 -0500 Report

Thanks so much for the reply I am starting the whole new carb counting testing before and after meals tomorrow so this will come in handy I sure do appreciate the link and sdvice

vgarrison 2010-08-08 10:45:55 -0500 Report

I see that you said your a nurse…just because your nurse doesn't mean that you should know it all, but unfortunetly most medical people think that since your a nurse you should know it all. When I was first diagnosed, my mother who is a nurse, didn't know how to help. I was living 3000 miles away from her at the time, and when I was diagnosed she signed up for a diabetes class, just so she would know how to help me better, emotionally if nothing else.

What I'm trying to say is, diabetes is a very confusing subject at first. Just when you think you have something down, they go and change it on you!! Keep looking for any answers that you need, there will be a day where you have so much information that people start to come to you!!!!

Good Luck!!!!

suzyqsims 2010-08-08 11:26:58 -0500 Report

Thank You so much for the reply and understanding how I feel yes I am a nurse but it is my job to help other people so when I got hit it was like OMG what do I do and everybody was like you should know what to do> Well guess what people I dont they say nurses make the worst patient and now I know what they mean thanks for the reply Im feeling better now.

vgarrison 2010-08-09 03:24:36 -0500 Report

Me as a caregiver it was really hard…I tell you what to do with your health, you don't tell me…yah that was hard. It took me awhile that I have to get as good as I give, and I'm a darn good caregiver…lol

Kaiyle 2010-08-08 02:33:14 -0500 Report

What I've learned in my diabetic class is that we can have 45-60 grams of carbs per meal and 15-25 grams of carbs per snack. Also 10-15 grams of fat per meal, no more than 35-55 grams of fat per day. You can also subtract from your total carb grams any fiber grams.

Kirla 2010-08-08 10:06:20 -0500 Report

I found if I ate that many carbs per meal or snack my blood sugar would still be in the 300-400 ranges.

I found what foods I can eat by testing my blood sugar before and after eating. I probley only eat about 50 – 75 grams of carbs per day spread out over an 18 hour period. Right after being diagnosed I probley ate only 20-30 grams per day.

That’s why testing the foods you eat is so important. We are all different. Some people can eat all those cabs and have good control.

I found I have to severely limit the amount of carbs I eat. I have been doing this for a year and a half now. My blood sugar went from the 300+ range to almost normal numbers in less than 6 weeks. My A1C went from 14.1 to 5.9 in about four months. My last four have all been under 6 and my lowest was 5.4.

I found that I don’t even have to count the carbs I eat. By testing I found what foods spiked my blood sugar and don’t eat them. I just have to worry about serving sizes or I will gain weight.


suzyqsims 2010-08-08 11:34:12 -0500 Report

Where do you find the diabetic classes? Do I call the local hospitals or Health Departments?

Kaiyle 2010-08-09 03:11:44 -0500 Report

I am so glad you got information from the Diabetes Club that you feel confident in using. You will figure out what things work best for you because like Kirla said, "We are all different". To answer your question, my physician told me about the free diabetic classes that were being offered in our area. Truly having ongoing support and education about this disease has given me confidence, a positive attitude, and a positive persective on things. You will be successful Suzy!!!

RAYT721 2010-08-07 23:58:34 -0500 Report

my research shows 30-35 g per meal and 15 g per snack but your meter knows more than the research. Make sure you get enough calories but not too many. Have some fat but not too much. In a way it's simple but in a way it's complex.

suzyqsims 2010-08-08 01:07:44 -0500 Report

Thanks for the input have you ever tried the glucerna shakes I am not always a breakfast eater would that be a good meal replacement???

Kirla 2010-08-08 09:44:32 -0500 Report

I haven’t tried them but when I read the label I found the carb count way too much for me. You may be different.

I would test my blood sugar before and then 1 or 2 hours after drinking it and see what it did to my blood sugar. 1 hour after drinking your blood sugar should be below 140-180 depending on whom you listen to. 2 hours after drinking it should be less than 120-140 depending on what study you believe. I try and keep my one hour after eating less than 120 and 2 hour after eating less than 100. I don’t always make it but most of the time I do.

I found that the Atkins and E.A.S. brands of shakes work great for me. There only 2 net carbs per shake and they don’t spike my blood sugar. I buy Atkins at Bjs when they’re on sale. I can sometimes buy a case of 12 for $12.00. A couple of times I got them for $10.00 a case with a coupon. I use them all the time for breakfast when I first wake up. Been dinking a low carb protein shake for breakfast for over a year now. Its work great for me. I usually have to eat one serving of sunflower seeds or peanuts for a mid morning snack. Helps me get to lunch.

Good luck

suzyqsims 2010-08-08 11:32:52 -0500 Report

Thank you for lthe input Im am going to try the Atkins Shakes if I can find them. I guess I am going to have to start learning about the blood sugar and testing to see what food works for me. But i do have a question though my morning blood sugars before meds are in the two hundreds so how would I deside what works for me is there a certain number of points you should be concerned about your blood sugar raising until I get my numbers in the morning lower?

Kirla 2010-08-08 14:48:37 -0500 Report

When diagnosed my fasting blood sugar was in the 300’s. Not sure how high they got I was testing 2 hours after eating. I just tried to limit the spikes. Any food that spiked my blood sugar more than 30-40 points 2 hours after eating I quit eating. After my numbers came down a lot I quit eating foods that spiked my blood sugar more than 30-40 points 1 hour after eating.

At first I ate oatmeal in the morning. For lunch I ate a tuna fish sandwich, drank either water or tea, ate my low carb vegetables and started to have a serving of peanuts. For supper I had salad with low carb Italian dressing with 3-4 tablespoons of red wine vinegar. I ate either fish or chicken. At night if I got hungry I would eat pickles or sauerkraut out of the can. My numbers dropped a little bit very day.

I soon discovered that the oatmeal was spiking my blood sugar a lot. I read on about TVP oatmeal. So I bought some TVP and tried it. It wasn’t too bad; I found it was eatable so I found a place on the Internet

who sold it cheap. I bought 25 lbs of it. I ate it for several months. It spiked my blood sugar a lot less than regular oatmeal. After several months I saw at Bjs that the Atkins shakes were on sale and bought a case. I drank one and found it didn’t spike my blood sugar. I drank one everyday at lunch for several weeks. Then one day I decided to try the Atkins shakes for breakfast. I found it didn’t spike my blood sugar as much as the TVP oatmeal so decided to drink the shakes in the morning and ate he TVP oatmeal at lunch.

After several months of eating the TVP oatmeal I stared looking for other things to make with it. All the recipes used it as a meat substitute. Well I was looking for something different and couldn’t’ find any other use for it. So one day I ground it down as fine as I could and made a spice cake with it. It came out pretty good so next time I added some grated carrot to the cake and made TVP carrot cake with it. Than several months later I made chocolate TVP cake. I have been eating TVP cake at lunch for over a year now. Lately been making the cakes with soy flour.

After a while I found that the bread I was eating with my tuna fish was spiking my blood sugar. At first I decided to use one slice and ate my sandwich like that. After a few weeks I decided that bread was not for me, so I decided to stop eating it. I ate my tuna fish out of a small container for almost a year. Several months ago I found some low carb wraps and now use a small piece with my tuna fish. 13 grams of wrap ¼ piece.

Well this is why I decided to write a blog and refer people to it.

I found that by cutting back on carbs and drinking lots of water and eating lots of low carb vegetables and cutting out starchy foods, my blood sugar kept getting better and better. Six weeks after being diagnosed my blood sugar was almost normal. My A1C went from 14.1 to 5.9 in about 4 months. I found by doing what I did my blood sugar came down on its own. At first all I worried about was the spikes. By getting the spikes under control all my numbers improved over time.

Atkins can be purchased at Wal-Mart in the pharmacy section. EAS is there also. I only buy Atkins because I get them on sale at BJS. When on vacation I have used the EAS brands and they worked good also. They may be cheaper than Atkins.

Sorry about the story it seems once I get going I start to write a book. I hope you will be able to succeed at getting your numbers down.

Good luck

suzyqsims 2010-08-08 18:26:12 -0500 Report

Thanks so much for the reply I hope I can find ut what spikes my blood sugars so that I can get them under better control I appriceate all the info although I am not carazy about oatmeal I may give it a try and see what happens. My BS right now is 342 before dinner. So I have a lot of work ahead of me thanks for all lthe help. Im also going to try the Atkins shakes most mornings I justdont eat breakfast.

EJMac 2011-03-06 21:41:29 -0600 Report

You can always call your doctor between visits and let him/her know what the BS numbers are. Sometimes they will change the amounts of meds over the phone.
Since you are not sure what numbers are good, I would ask the doctor what number he/she wants you to use as a goal.

Kirla 2010-08-08 18:54:02 -0500 Report

When my numbers were that high I pretty much ate mostly low carb vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, pickles, sauerkraut and salads with a little chicken or fish at night. The low carb shakes should be ok also. If your numbers don’t come down soon you may have to see your doctor about the meds you take or you may even need to take insulin. Eating the foods I listed above, my blood sugar started to drop a little bit every day. These were my numbers the first month I was diagnosed. Click on the link below.

stoneshedd 2010-07-26 22:44:46 -0500 Report

Hi you really should really tyr to stay under 150 carbs and should be comlpex carbs found in whole grain foods

Armourer 2010-07-24 01:07:40 -0500 Report

As Harlen said, we are all different, what works for me may not work for you. In the beginning I would have 40-60 carbs a meal. But over the past couple years have learned that I can't really eat more then 10 at any meal. Now I carb count and adjust insulin as needed. Yes one can eat anything, but that means more insulin, thus it costs more for insulin and food. Good luck!

suzyqsims 2010-07-24 12:51:39 -0500 Report

Thanks for the post Im am trying to figure out this carb things even though I am a nurse all the carb counting and exchanges are still confusing. My problem is giving up my mountain dew it is my drug of choice LOL and diet mountain just aint the same. But hopefully I will figure it all out soon

Meeshe 2010-08-08 09:12:12 -0500 Report

I saw your also a mt. dew fan and I wanted to say… when I first tried the diet mt. dew I hated it… but I stuck with it and now I like it better than the regular…it is a hard thing to have to adjust our eating and drinking from b4 to now but if you stick with it then it will make a world of difference.

suzyqsims 2010-08-08 11:36:27 -0500 Report

Thanks for the reply I hope I can kick this mt. Dew habit before it kills me. But its like a drug even though I have been buying Diet I wlaways find a way to drink the good stuff.

Kirla 2010-07-23 16:09:57 -0500 Report

I don’t think it really matters unless your taking insulin and then you need to figure it all out.

I was diagnosed with a fasting blood sugar of 366 and A1C of 14.1. I started to drink lots of water and to eat lots of low carb vegetables. I stated testing my blood sugar before and 2 hours after each meal and stopped eating foods that spiked my blood sugar more than 30-40 points. After my blood sugar dropped a lot, I started to test 1 hour after eating and was able to fine-tune my diet and blood sugar readings even more.

By testing I found that I had to stop eating all kinds of breads, pasta, potatoes and most foods that contained more than 5-6 net carbs per serving according to the label on the package.

Good luck

GabbyPA 2010-07-23 22:07:34 -0500 Report

Carb counting is a good habit for people who are not on insulin as well. We don't have the option of "taking additional" pills as you might on insulin. So sometimes, we need to be more careful, because we don't have something we can take to immediately help reduce it. So even if you are not on insulin as a type 1 or a type 2, you need to count your carbs.

suzyqsims 2010-07-24 12:47:33 -0500 Report

Thanks for the input My A1C is 8.9 and my fasting was 233 but my BG has been as hi as 392 My biggest problem is I love my mountain Dew I am trying to drink more water. I find that I crave sweets more now than I did before. I also have been trying to check my BG before and 2 hours after meals to try to pinpoint what causes my hi. Once again thanks for the comment

suzyqsims 2010-07-21 23:57:51 -0500 Report

thanks so much for all your help and advice I go to the doctor next wek so I guess Ill start making my list of questions now. My bs usually run in the 250 to 300 range I guess my biggest thing is having to live on salads al though I like them I still crave that occ cheese burger LOL. Thanks gabby for the video links I sure they will be very helpful

GabbyPA 2010-07-19 20:25:24 -0500 Report

Hi Suzy,
Have you sat down with your doctor or your nutritionist to discuss this? That is a good place to start. The BMI chart is based on a non-diabetic person and that is not what you fit into any longer. Most diabetic educators recommend 30-45 for a meal, 15 for a snack. For me, that is still too much, and I should eat less. For someone else, they can eat more and do quite well.
Here are a couple of my favorite videos on carb counting. I hope they help

kdroberts 2010-07-19 20:19:20 -0500 Report

You have to use you glucose meter going figure it out. If your blood sugar run high then you may need to cut back until they are where you want them to be.

Harlen 2010-07-19 18:55:09 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome
I can only have 60 carbs a day
We are each difrent and each have difrent needt .
I would talk to you Doc and see what they have to sey
Best wishes

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