On the pump and really need to lose some weight...

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I am also new to the site. Joined today. I have been type 1 for 21 years. Diagnosed 2 months into my 2nd pregnancy. Pills and shots for the first 19 years and now on the pump for a little over 2 years this past February. I have also put on about 20 pounds since being on the pump. My doc. tells me it goes with the territory insuline = piounds. I try to eat right and also exercise (walking) on my treadmill 3 to 4 times a week,( my treadmill is out on our enclosed porch overlooking our little fish pond, and right now our temps here in Cincinnati are runinnig in the high 80 and 90's so it is soooo hot out there). So I am not walking as much as I need to. I have been at this for over a year and have not lost a pound. Needless to say I am very discouraged. Any adivice is welcome. So sorry for the long post.

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Crashnot 2010-07-20 10:47:01 -0500 Report

Hi Kimberley,

I've also been on the pump for about 1-1/2 years now after 40 years of injections. And did I put on a few pounds! One thing I realized is that I can let the pump be my taskmaster when it comes to carbs. When I'm being good and am not worn out from the day's work, I take a look at my carb intake. I try to aim to only eat 150 carbs a day when I'm trying to shave off a few pounds. When I do pay attention to that intake, I fell better, my sugars are more level, and my body can burn the fat instead of adding more from excess carbs.


kimberlyjbax 2010-07-20 14:37:15 -0500 Report

thank you Lisa! I think reading this board daily will most likely teach me more then I have know in 21 years of being a diabetic.

lauren03 2010-07-20 07:19:02 -0500 Report

hi kimberly,

Why not walk during late afternoon or early morning. I usually exercise at these times especially during summer when the temp is really hot.

Harlen 2010-07-19 18:52:09 -0500 Report

Try walking every day I eat every day so I need to walk every day if I dont wish to add to my wast.
If you never give up you never lose lol
Keep at it I ask myself each and every time befor I eat am I hungry am I eating just to be eating or do I need something.
You got to give your self a little treet from time to time just keep it to a min.
You do need to live I just keep the treets small .
Best wishes

kimberlyjbax 2010-07-19 19:21:31 -0500 Report

Thank you… I try to have a great attitude but as you know I'm sure it is hard once in a while.. Thanks for the boost I think I need it right now. :)

spunkyrose 2010-07-19 19:41:16 -0500 Report

Hi Kimberly,
It is not true that if you take insulin you will gain weight. I take insulin and have been
able to lose weight. The problem is they tell you to take insulin to cover the carbohydrates you eat. You will gain weight if you do that! The correct way is to
figure out how many calories should be in your meal to maintain your weight.
About 500 calories per meal if you aren't real active is a good place to start.
In that meal should be low fat protein, lots of vegetables low on the glycemic index
and a small amount of other carbs low on the glycenmic index. Take enough insulin to cover that meal and you will not gain and can lose. I have more suggestions,
but too much information at one time to confusing.