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It went great today! He did x-rays, and showed me the screw in there and said that it was in place and wouldnt move! He said I could walk as my foot would let me and pain level would tolerate. He took me down on pain meds and said that the feeling should come back that he thinks the nerves are just pissed off and inflamed because they were moved and handled during surgery. However, if for some reason it don't he said it was fixable and he would take care of it. So…all went well. I am happy with the outcome! I go back friday but he said he would just be looking at the color of it, the stitches had to stay for another week or so. Thanks for all the prayer and support!! :) Now, its on to my happy land, he pushed and pulled in places that was not hurting until now lol!

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MAYS 2010-07-19 12:43:58 -0500 Report

Glad to know that everything is working out just fine for you.
Take very good care of yourself.

soldierswife 2010-07-19 19:26:27 -0500 Report

thanks mays! I originally said if he didnt take these stitches out i was going to kick his car on my way out of his office but i figured that wouldnt be good on the stitches haha.