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One of the most popular questions asked by newbies relates to what foods should and shouldn't be eaten by diabetics. My answer is always the same and it relates to more of what your body, taste buds and glucose meter says than what any of us have to say. Some people can tolerate certain foods while others cannot. At first it's important to see what foods and categories of foods work well for your mind, body and soul.

I would like to speak for a moment about a series of books that I checked out from my local library. The authors are David Zinczenko & Matt Goulding and the series falls under the premise of "Eat This… Not That." I am currently reviewing seven titles by these authors and believe there more be another title or two that I'm missing.

The information in these books is mind-blowing. As Ellen DeGeneres says, "Eat This, Not That! is gonna freak the weight right off of you." I think you'll be impressed by some of the little known facts that can help you look and feel better, lose weight, take in better nutrition, and learn more about the food industry than perhaps you should." Here are some facts that I've learned:

Not all healthy sounding product names are healthy. There's a cereal with 17 g of sugars on the market that is 3 grams of sugar shy of a Haagen Dazs Vanilla and Almond Ice Cream bar yet the package boasts claims for "strong heart" and "antioxidants."

Peanuts while still a good snack are lower in the healthy fats and antioxidants than many other nuts which is why certain brand names of mixed nuts offer better nutrition than others. Read the labels.

Baked Lays are a better vending machine choice than Sun Chips because of the serving sizes. Baked Lays with 110 calories battles against the larger sized Sun Chips package containing 210 calories.

There are frozen preservative ladened products that are healthier than others and which are cheaper and "healthier" than some of the restaurant foods.

In the BK fish versus Filet-o-Fish battle there is a clear winner. You'll have to swim around the series to get your teeth hooked around the best choice.

There is a restaurant chain with a healthy sounding Turkey Burger that's so high in calories (950) that the half rack of ribs from the same place is a better option at only 500 calories.

Many restaurants won't disclose the nutritional contents of their foods. In some cases the nutritional facts in ETNT come from estimates based on ingredients. It's sad when a restaurant is ashamed of what they're feeding us.

Beware the food glossary of preservatives. ETNT actually exposes what some of the additives are that are near impossible to pronounce.

There's a certain energy drink on the market that contains 62 grams of sugar per 16 ounce can. One of the books in the series points out a more practical option with 260 less calories and only 6 grams of sugar per 16 ounce serving.

The series of books features hundreds of pages and hundreds of reviews from the food industry: fast foods, vending machines, restaurants and supermarkets.

These books are definitely providing food for thought.

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I get an email everyday from Eat this… Not That… tip everyday… It's great, it actually give you the best choice at an eatery or grocery store, etc… Which really comes in handy, like when you go to Starbucks, etc…

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