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By bettymachete Latest Reply 2010-07-18 14:31:06 -0500
Started 2010-07-18 08:00:26 -0500

I love working out more now that I belong to a 24/7 gym. What's funny about my workout today was while I was in there doing my morning routine an older man approached me and struck up a conversation. It began with the normal pleasantries, we spoke about the weather and what not and then he asked me how long I had been a member. Well I told him that I had recently been diagnosed with type II diabetes and needed a nice cool place indoors to run and lift weights. He stopped and looked at me, with a very puzzled look and said " Hmmm you don't look like a diabetic!" I laughed and said "Thanks"

I have no idea what a diabetic is suppose to look like! lol

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mld1233 2010-07-18 10:16:46 -0500 Report

I think that "they" think that you should look like you swallowed 2 children whole. or at least thats what i think but we come in all shapes and sizes.

bettymachete 2010-07-18 11:36:49 -0500 Report

I agree with you, I think there is a very large portion of people who stereotype Type II diabetics as "fat and lazy" including Doctors.

Harlen 2010-07-18 09:06:16 -0500 Report

They are all fat dumb and slow as well as having a sandwich in each hand thats what they look like so keep your eyes open and you will see them lol
best wishes all
PS this is a joke ha ha ha ha ????

bettymachete 2010-07-18 11:38:59 -0500 Report

LOL Think I should go back in there with a hogie and a box of twinkies next time with a shirt that reads "Diabetic enough for you? " while jogging on the treadmill.

Diane987 2010-07-18 14:31:06 -0500 Report

In order to be diabetic enough you have to have a syrup stain or two from the stacks of pancakes, hash browns and sausage you ate for breakfast. While you are at it make sure there are some crumbs or ketchup left in the corners of your mouth.