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Started 2010-07-15 13:31:12 -0500

I got an e-mail about syndrom x. and a link to Just wondering if anyone has heard of it or if its lagit. I get all kinds of buy the wonder cure e-mails, so i'm always skeptic.

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GabbyPA 2010-07-15 16:03:19 -0500 Report

Here are some articles on ADA about Metabolic Syndrome:

Keep that skeptic close at hand. There are so many cure all's out there that just are not what they claim.

However, there is great use for natural remedies. I won a contest here that offered a series of natural treatments and they do work very well. I was on them for 3 months and I had great results, lower BG levels and some weight loss. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to continue them at this point. That is my biggest complaint of most of those. Now it NEVER claimed to CURE my diabetes or reverse it. I tend to stay away from those kinds of claims. But Nature is a very good partner in our battle, and as a type 2, we have more flexibility in that than perhaps a type 1 would.

kdroberts 2010-07-15 13:48:34 -0500 Report

Syndrome X is real, it's another name for metabolic syndrome. Melabic is another snake oil waste of money.