How do you cope with your condition?

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I will tell how I handle things, but first I wanted to know how & what other members do. I am looking for pointers to make my life with diabetes better.

I am fortunate (so far) in that my disease has not really caused what I would call 'Depression" Don't get me wrong, I have my blah days when I couldn't give a hoot about what goes on in the world around me. But, for the most part I stay pretty upbeat. I mean God only gives us what we can handle, so he must of thought I would be able to handle Diabetes or I wouldn't have it now.
One thing he did not prepare me for was the passing of someone from Diabetes. Even being over 3000 miles away from my family and not seeing my Mom since 2005, her passing from this disease in 2009 still hurts. God had called my Dad home in 2002 after a massive stroke.

Now How do I cope? The most difficult part of coping is eating. Prior to Diabetes I rarely ate breakfast and a good part of the time I didn't care for lunch either. If the girls in the office were going to a good place I might put in an order for a sandwich or 1/2 sandwich & small cup of soup. But my main meal was definitely supper.
My husband tells me he has gained so much weight because of( my) good cooking. I reply that, "hey mate it was you going the cooking , I was just telling you how to fix different things." He was working full-time night shift back then, so he was up by lunchtime, so he cooked weekdays and I would cook weekends.
Our evening meal was always some type of meat or fish. One or two veggies and potatoes, rice, or noodles. The only time if ever we had desert it was on weekends only. I was not a snacker but now I can't go to bed without something small to eat, or I find myself getting up during the night to find something to eat.
Try as I might I continue to fight this meal deal. I have to force breakfast and lunch on myself, but I am always ready for supper. I know I have to do better to control my sugar readings which are nothing to brag about. In fact they are all over the place right now. That is why I would like to know is anyone sharing this boot with me? I appreciate any comments. I will try anything once.
I have spoken to my MD about this and the response I got was to stay away from the bananas and grapes as they are apparently the highest in carbs & sugars respectively. I gained over 5Lbs in the past 4 months!

Thank you for taking time to read my rantings.


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MAYS 2010-07-15 11:19:18 -0500 Report

We all have different methods that work (aside from the basic procedures) that we input into our daily lives.

First and foremost, education of diabetes and it's possible complications is key.
You can make the necessary adjustments to your life and lifestyle based on what you know to be true, avoid the myths and misconceptions.

Don't fall victim to laziness (we all do at some point), set a basic plan in action and follow it thru for at least 90 days, (30 days to adjust and 45 days to see results) afterwards evaluate your progress, set goals and obtain them.
Keep your doctors appointments, test and keep records, document your findings and results and communicate your findings, fears and progress with your diabetes team, family and support group.

Make a healthy lifestyle a part of your family's life, not only your own, keep up to date with the latest news concerning diabetes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for diabetics, proper nutrition is a must, don't forget your daily physical activity, (exercise, walking, etc.).

If you have a hobby great, if not get one, join a club.

Don't beat up on yourself, try not to let anything (or anyone) get you down or discourage you from doing what's right for you, you are responsible for you !

As Nike says, " Just Do It ! "

Being diabetic (and healthy) takes plenty of work, constantly.

It's always moving forward, a continuous process trying to stay focused and most of all, in control.


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Hello and welcome
Just reed all the post and you will get a good idea of how each of us deal with Diabetes
Best wishes