Exercise and Triglycerides

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I have heard from a lot of doctors, friends, and other people that exercise is good for lowering blood sugar levels. I have been to the gym, however, my levels never decreased that much even with the heavy workouts that I do.

Here is some insight to my recent changes. Recently, I made a job change to being a supervisor trainee at a factory here in my hometown that makes socks for Nike, Reebok, Walmart, and HUE. The position I have is in the dye house. In the dye house it is a very hot climate. On most days it is over 100 degrees and the humidity is over 46 percent every day. You cannot walk into my department and not sweat!

Now for the good news. My blood sugars normally run a little high on average (high 190's - low 200's). I check my sugar when I arrive at work, and it is usually in my normal range. After 2 hours we go to first break and I recheck my sugar. 90% of the time my sugars are down to around 110-115. 2 1/2 hours later we take another break and I check it again. By this time it is normally down to the low 80's - upper 70's. Another plus to this is the fact that I have been at this position for just over a month now and due to the heat and constant walking and sweating, I have also lost over 21 pounds! This has made a huge difference in how I feel, both physically as well as mentally.

I now see how strenuous exercise can reduce triglycerides and blood sugar levels. I guess maybe I just needed to complete my workouts in an area that didn't have air conditioning, lol. I just wanted to share this with everyone and I hope that everybody is doing great and feeling well!! Talk to you all again soon!

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GabbyPA 2010-07-14 21:31:47 -0500 Report

Exercise is amazing! We talk about it all the time, but it is really one of our best friends in all of our body issues. I know I always feel better when I am active. I tell my husband that it is a good "sore" to feel after exercising.

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