My first endo appointment. Venting!!!

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I was diagnosed PCOS 3 months ago. So I had my first endo appointment today (took me 3 months to get), she came in introduced herself, looked at my file, asked me about my history, what meds I was taking, She told me that my pcos was most probably the most likely reason I was now diabetic. said things were looking great (my weight, BP, BGL) said that the metformin I was taking would help some of my pcos symptoms and that now as diabetic I would not be able to take birth control to treat the other problems yadda yadda..she perscribed me nothing but ordered yet another basic blood panel and told me to come back in three months. WHY ON EARTH did I drive an hour away to see this person??? i am really frustrated because I figured I would have some answers finally. Sorry I just needed to vent!

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GracieT 2011-12-06 17:48:56 -0600 Report

I have been diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome, not diabetes. (Not really sure what the difference is.) I also have PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.
I recently was taken off Actos and now test my sugar daily. What I'm mad about is that I was put on the medicine Depakote for my seizures, (Epilepsy) but when a link between PCOS and Depakote was shown I was taken off of Depakote and put on Lamictal. If I had not been trying to become pregnant I might never have been taken off of Depakote since my Neurologist had never heard of the connection, and didn't know until the Reproductive Endo told him. I guess the moral of the story is to make sure your doctors talk to each other, and to make sure you can talk to your doctor about anything you need to. Become as involved in your care as you can.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2011-12-06 14:14:02 -0600 Report

Dear Betty: Forgive me but I don't know what PCOS is. Or how it brought you into diabeties. I'm sorry for that. But, get you another Endocrynologist. Yours sounds like a flake. My Endo sat and talked to me for about 45 min. He explained how I became a Biddle Diabetic and what we would do from this point out. He sent me to my Nutritionist and I've lost 30 1/2 lbs. in 9 weeks. I too take metformin and am on insulin. But he adjusted my meds to better suit my diabetes. He's the best…Valentine Lady

Jimslin 2011-08-14 10:21:55 -0500 Report

Please forgive my ignorance, but what is PCOS?

Diaschm 2011-08-14 00:32:39 -0500 Report

I love my doctor, he is caring and has helped me with my meds. I think you should try another doctor until you find one who you can trust and is knowledgeable about diabetes and cares about you. I would also check with doctor about birth control. That does not sound right to me. Was that her opinion or based on fact? I do not take metformin so I do not know if that matters when taking birth control. But in any case do get a doctor that you can talk to. Diana

SlatonLeo 2011-08-13 16:16:44 -0500 Report

I can relate too and so can my wife. We have been to many doctors and most are afraid to diagnose or recommend any treatment for fear of being sued or something. I susspect some are just lazy too and want the money. I have changed doctors a few times and will again if I can't get some useful info or treatment. So I know what ya'll mean, it is very frustrating to spend and spend and then no improvement. I have looked into natural metods to control some things like BP, even diabetes, but you really have to get educated and becareful. Don't fall for any hype until you can prove it works, at least for you. We are not all the same and one treatment for you may not work for me. I just wish doctors and other health providers would see that and tell us when we see them. They should at least be hoonest about it.
Oh well; that;s my take on the subject. I know it doesn't help ya'll I guess it did me 'cause I vented too. Best to all of you on this journey of ours.

MrsCDogg 2011-08-13 15:20:24 -0500 Report

Betty, I think you should act like your namesake and use your machete to cut that doctor loose and find another one!! Geez! That sounds like a useless trip for sure.

scribbles 2011-08-13 12:25:01 -0500 Report

I simply can not picture that. I use the residency center where students practice and become doctors. I spend a lot of time arguing with kids (residents) that are scared by the fact that I take 2 types of insulin and I take more that 10 units of either every day. I have been known to block the door so they could not leave and talk until they "saw the light". I also have told a doctor to get his diaper changed and then walked out of there. 5 of the 7 teaching doctors think I am good for the students because I argue. The other 2 doctors think I'm horrible because I argue.
The point to this tirade is - you do not have to put up with that. Change doctors. Tell the doctors office that since they are wasting your time, they need to pay you for travel, time sitting around waiting, useless babble from the endo, and the return trip. Trust me, that WILL get their attention. I first pulled that stunt in 1996 and pulled it again in 2000. Hindsight is hilarious! At the time I was angry enough to spit nails.

Auburn Bill
Auburn Bill 2011-08-13 12:39:45 -0500 Report

Wow! Glad you can vent here! But to argue or get anry at a doctor will do you vot good. If you dont lioke the doctor, go to another one! I have one who never looked at my hands,nor feet till he got the report that I have neuropathy! I do love hid PA who I visit! If you know what is right and wrong, just do it! I go for the meds needed to help me with this coindition. God watch over you, Grandpa Bill
PS: I do not wish to have a negative repy, I am voicing my opion!!

scribbles 2011-08-13 12:51:19 -0500 Report

There are 7 teaching doctors, 50 student doctors and 35 student nurses at the clinic. They are also $250 cheaper per visit. I won't go somewhere else, but I will teach doctors: 1. they are not God. 2. there is no reason to fear insulin. Except for that one idiot doctor, we all eventually got along fine. "Idiot" and I tried for 8 visits and just could not manage.

AuntieM234 2011-06-26 10:31:45 -0500 Report

As Doctors go, mine is the Bomb! He said he could tell me how to help myself, or he could give me meds to do the job. I said, Well, how about a happy medium of both? That is what we've done. I have medication to help keep my BG levels good while I'm working on the rest of me. I also have other medical issues which limit my physical activity somewhat. However, we will keep reducing the amount of meds I take as I'm developing a better inner balance. I only use my PCP for all that ails me, since I have a great rapport with him. On occasion, he has asked me to see a specialist in one field or other, which I've done, of course. I know I am extremely fortuante, but guess what?! ;-) I found him because I was extremely unhappy with my former Doctor! In fact, I thought calling him Doctor was using the term loosely! The Doctor I have now had stopped taking on new patients, because he was so loaded with them. Fortunately for me, he made an exception in my case! So, you see, they're out there! They may be hard to find, but they're there! Best of Luck to all of you who need to change Doctors! Just do it! ;-) Mara

AuntieM234 2011-06-26 10:38:04 -0500 Report

Oh, btw, I forgot to mention that he expects me to bring a list with me of any questions I may have. He'll say something like, Okay that's all I have on my list, now let's talk about yours! I also am able to email him with any questions I may have between visits. I am truly Blessed! ;-) Mara

Mickie G
Mickie G 2011-08-13 06:52:56 -0500 Report

Where do you live?
I want your Dr.! I would love to have a Dr that was even half that pleasant! You have given me hope that some Drs remember why they became Drs.

AuntieM234 2011-08-13 07:44:36 -0500 Report

I'm in Fresno County in central California USA. My HMO is Kaiser Permanente. My brother lives in San Bernardino County in southern California. He has the same kind of Dr. He has the same HMO. I don't know whether they are in any other states or not. I believe, though, there are still plenty of caring Drs out there. ;-) Mara

jayabee52 2011-12-05 22:16:04 -0600 Report

I used to be member of KP when living in the SF bay area (east bay city of Hayward)

As I recall there are KP facilities in Washington (state) Ohio (cleveland) and New York (? i think)

I am sad that there is no KP here in Las Vegas.

Closest is 3 hrs away in Victorville CA.

Diaschm 2011-06-24 17:55:36 -0500 Report

I think it is frustrating when the doctor does not seem to realize your expectations but there again next time be prepared to ask for help. I agree with Carthers for your next appointment have your blood sugar scores and write down what you eat at each meal. also tell the doctor that you need further info. That is what you are there for. Ask if you can be refurthered to a nutricianist and ask more questions. If doctor does not seem to want to set up the relationship that you need than maybe you should be seeing someonelse in your comfort zone. remember this was only your first time , so maybe future visits will be better if you set the tone.

carithers 2011-05-16 15:33:33 -0500 Report

that is ok everything is a process. They need new blood test to see where you levels are at for this moment.If you really wanyt some action try to write down your blood sugar reading three times a day for at least two weeks and the foods you eat for two weeks. Then the doctor has some real information to go on. Good luck work on getting your sugar levels down

Lakeland 2010-07-28 19:53:17 -0500 Report

I have chronic pelvic pain for 4 years and have seen about 15 doctors trying to get pain management. tomarrow, I'm going to a new doctor to see if I can get relief.

The one doctor put me on lupron. ever since the lupron I'm diabetic. Doctors sware there is no connection but I believe it. I've seen reports about men being on lupron & getting diabetes from it.

The good thing about diabetes is it got me to watch my health, the bad thing about it is the walking I do to keep my blood sugar numbers under control is a major pain flare for my pelvic issues.

I've had 4 surgeries including a hysterectomy, I've kept 1 ovary & I'm thinking birth control might be what's coming up. I'll ask about Birthcontrol pills & diabetes.

Good luck.

Teresa Rose
Teresa Rose 2011-06-24 17:28:50 -0500 Report

I didn't have diabetes before I took Lupron to shrink a 15x17cm. fibroid. I had 3 injections. I gained 30 lbs. from it and had an allergic reaction and they still gave it to me. After that I had a hysterectomy using the Davinci Robot. It chopped the fibroid up and my uterus and sucktioned them out. They left both of my ovaries. That was July 19, 2010. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes on May 13,2011. I had symptoms for a long while before I was diagnosed but the doctors wouldn't test me for some reason.

Lakeland 2011-06-25 18:06:18 -0500 Report

I'm sorry it happened to you. I wish i knew a way for doctors to look at this issue, before having the lupron injection, I knew lupron had complications,but when I brought the issue up to the doctor, he blew off my concern because I got the info off of the internet. He told me only people with complaints get online, happy people never post.

Best wishes, at least diabetes is managable. I hope your feeling better. Since posting that, I found out I was totally mis diagnosed for the pelvic pain, it turns out I had a bad hip socket, a labram tear. The hysterectomy, ovary removal, endo search was all for nothing. I'm 6 weeks post-op from the hip surgery & recovery is just as annoying as original complaint, I think I have 4 weeks till total recovery.

Best wishes

RCLafnjack 2010-07-28 17:24:47 -0500 Report

Betty, I had to finally come to the stark reality that not everyone in the health industry, Including Doctors finished at the top of their class in med school.
I'd be looking for someone else, closer.

Mickie G
Mickie G 2011-08-13 06:56:03 -0500 Report

I think I will be asking where they finished while I am searching for a new Dr. Good suggestion.

margokittycat 2011-08-12 22:50:18 -0500 Report

VERY TRUE were is the professionalism that they are to learn, but they don't all graduate top of the class and some hardly know what they are doing but because they can past the test and the boards they get the degree doesn't mean they really know anything.

GabbyPA 2010-07-28 18:32:24 -0500 Report

LOL, I never thought of it that way. Some one has to be last in the class...they still get that certificate to hang on their wall, even if it does belong in the closet.

carolminda 2010-07-23 10:31:03 -0500 Report

I am 54 yrs old and a newly diagnosed diabetic. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was in my 20's. I was trying to get pregnant and had irregular periods. I have always been overweight and had facial hair. I carried most of my weight in my chest and upper body. My skin was oily and my hair was thin. I went through infertility treatments and did not get pregnant, but later got pregnant when I wasn't trying. Sometimes I think PCOS is an umbrella, catch-all term. Anyway things got a lot worse later in life- I apparently had lots and lots of cysts that grew on my ovaries over the years. At 51, I was bleeding a lot and had a hysterectomy. They found cysts that burst during the surgery, and many were all through my abdomen,causing adhesions. PCOS is not light diagnosis, and I wish there were better treatments. I was fortunate to be followed by a good gyne-endocrinologist in Phila. but I think we need better gyne care as we age.

patti81956 2010-07-17 09:52:53 -0500 Report

I had issues several years ago and my GP sent me to a GYN Endo. Hard to find but check some of the Fertility Docs alot of them are. Helped me tremendously, good luck

margokittycat 2011-08-12 22:48:26 -0500 Report

I was looking through all the post before I commented, because I was going to say the exact same thing LOOK 4 aGYN ENDO hey are hard to find but I will bet you anything there is one within the same driving distance. I went to one 8 years ago and was back on track after my first appointment with her. There are other birth controls that aren't pills that you can do so I would diffently look 4 the Gyn Endo.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2010-07-13 17:40:40 -0500 Report

I had a GP who was pretty good most of the time. There were a few questions he and his Nurse practitioner would completely ignore. Made me think there wasn't really a problem. Now years later I learn that may have been why I've had reproductive problems.
I should have found another Dr. sooner. I'm learning to ask until they answer or else find a Dr. who will.
My three sisters and I share our medical info concerning posible hereditary problems. It has brought about many interesting discussions. My Drs. seem to appreciate when I can tell them what problems run in my family.
In June one of my nieces mentioned she has PCOS to me, I had been learning about the possible connection with Diabetes.
Like you I think we should warn anad advise others in our families. I have no children, but my nieces and nephews will be informed, either by their mothers and/or aunts, as to tests and precautions needed for our genetic predispostions to diseases that we are aware we may have.

GabbyPA 2010-07-13 09:59:14 -0500 Report

Sometimes is is crummy to go into a meeting knowing more than the doctor does or at least as much as they do. I hope that you get a list of questions together for her for your next visit and don't leave until they are answered. Sometimes they don't really know, and the research is left up to us. Boy, I wish I was getting paid for all the medical studies I wade through to learn...=0)

Hang in there. You are just starting this relationship. They can be rocky at first, but if you show her that you are part of the solution, not the problem, she should come around. It took me a couple of visits with my DR, before he realized I was not just a pill popping patient and that I wanted to be a part of the treatment. And if she doesn't start learning and helping, then fire her.

RAYT721 2010-07-12 17:04:08 -0500 Report

I understand the frustration. I was diagnosed by phone and had little support other than "lose weight, exercise and stay away from sugar… I won't medicate you at this time" was about it. Most of what I have asked, done and learned were the results of knowing you guys. It's refreshing to get straight answers, opinions and/or options. I will go to the doctor for lab reports but I'm coming here for the answers and encouragements. Please note that the hug bank is now open to all. :)

bettymachete 2010-07-12 20:09:23 -0500 Report

You know Ray, I hear that so often from people I know that are newly diagnosed.."You're diabetic, here's your meter, your strips and your meds take them, stop eating all the crap you've been eating and excercise". This really is unexceptable in this day and age, I don't know how to go about changing it but am looking for ways to make it easier for others in the transition from a Non diabectic lifestyle to fighting it every inch of the way. I was fortunate to get some answers before I stepped out of the office but I also know myself well enough that I knew that finding a place that would offer support would make all the difference in the world. This site has done that for me. It makes me sad though because I know that You, I and everyone else here are exceptions in our population. We actually reach out for help and reach out to support one another, many are still out there, feeling scared and alone.

ccsp 2011-12-05 21:41:36 -0600 Report

Try a Naturopathic Doctor that specializes in Diabetes treatment or what ever the issue is. They really offer a different outlook and have some interesting options to help not to mention they do way more education. I use both an ND and MD in tandem and make sure that they will work together before I commit to either.

LauraS 2010-07-12 15:04:15 -0500 Report

I read a lot of your posts so know that you take good care of yourself. I didn't know what PCOS was either but googled it. Since you have diabetes weren't you already seeing an endo? I went to one as soon as I found out my sugar was out of control. I didn't get a lot of attention from my endo either. Put me on drugs and had me come back a month later. Said oh you didn't lose weight and if you're numbers don't come down we'll put you on more drugs. I go back next week and will probably just be weighed, blood pressured and asked what my numbers look like. I really want to have an a1c done to see where i"m really at since I found that my meter tends to read high. I researched a few endo before I found mine and even made and cancelled an appointment with one because the office told me to go get blood work done and come in with my results. Talk about bad customer service! There's a website out "" that helped me in my search. I hope you find someone who will at least reasure you a little more. All I heard is what a terrible disease diabetes is and how young I am to have it.

bettymachete 2010-07-12 16:14:32 -0500 Report

I was diagnosed with PCOS in April, June I was declared diabetic I was diagnosed by my PCP thankfully, by the time I was able to even see the endo (today) I could have been in real bad shape. What worries me is PCOS starts early from what I do know generally woman are diagnosed while they are in their teens and 20's. PCOS leads to insulin resistance and then diabetes. I had been with some crappy medical care due to my husband being military so I never had a diagnosis early enough to do me good. Despite my problems with pregnancy and cycles I remained unaware of this problem. Had I had a diagnosis early I probably wouldn't be here. My daughter is 17 and now that we have well doccumented cases in our family, a few of my family members have had hysterctomies in their 20's as a result, I know what to caution her on and get her tested for so maybe she can avoid the fate that my sister, me and my cousins share.

bjwarren123 2011-12-05 22:08:12 -0600 Report

I was diagnosed last month with PCOS. Sometimes the crappy health care system lets us fall in the cracks. After finally being diagnosed, I realize this should have been caught fifteen years ago. I hope you find an endo who will answer all your questions. The doctor may just need a reminder about who pays his bill. If there are any teaching schools or diabetes specialty clinics in your area, give them a try. Best of luck!

SueIzzy 2010-07-28 19:13:43 -0500 Report

Betty, thank you for the information you have posted on PCOS. I have not yet been diagnosed with it, but was given information about it from my Gyn last year. While reading the information sheet, it amazed me on how many of the symptoms I had/have. It sounds like we have something in common, with only being able to have one child, I had my son when I was 18 yrs old, and it went down hill from there really quick. I never was able to get pregnant again, and after reading the information on PCOS, I now have an understanding on why. It would have been great to know this information when we were much younger, maybe then we could have had more children. My son is now 27 yrs old, so the thought of another is not an option!! Does having a hysterectomy help with PCOS? I have had an Ablation done on my uterus, and that really helped me tremendously for quite some time, but they only last about 5 years, I am now 6 yrs out from my surgery and starting to have issues again. Would love to hear your opinion on the hysterectomy so I can approach my Dr with doing that instead of another ablation.

btw…I was diagnosed with T2 diabetes 3 years ago. ~:-)

Kirla 2010-07-12 14:14:36 -0500 Report

If I listened to my doctor I would still be taking lots of meds, have uncontrollable blood sugar and probley sitting on the toilet most of the time. But I found some people who had their diabetes under control and were able to stop taking their meds and followed what they did. I guess I was lucky because every thing I did helped me to control my blood sugar. It also helped the cholesterol Triglycerides and blood pressure.

I find we need doctors to get a physical and to have blood work and other tests done. Other than that I found that I have to educate myself and do what I feel is best for me. My doctor had a fit when I asked him if I could maybe try diet and exercise when my numbers drop down a lot. He had a fix. Called me names and stuff and told me I would have to take meds the rest of my life.

Well when he found out I had to stop taking the meds due to severe side effects and all my numbers continued to get better and better he kind of change his mind. He never has asked me how I did it. If I had a patient who had an A1C of 14.1 and fasting blood sugars in the upper 300’s and in less than 2 months, most everything was almost normal, I think I would at least be a little curious on how they did it.

I read online about DO’s. There medical doctors with special training. I figure to make an appointment soon. Maybe a DO will be better. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.


ccsp 2011-12-05 21:43:56 -0600 Report

A Naturopathic Doctor would not treat you like that and my experience is that they encourage the approach that you used and may offer some natural supplements along the way, to help, until you reach your goal.

Mickie G
Mickie G 2011-08-13 07:01:06 -0500 Report

How long were you on meds before you started doing your own thing? What are some of the things that you have changed that has worked for you?
I am very interested.

nanaellen 2011-08-13 14:29:50 -0500 Report

I believe that if you go to past posts Kevin has a blog link somewhere that tells you everything that has worked for him!

bettymachete 2010-07-12 20:17:13 -0500 Report

I can't help but to agree with you Kevin. Like you, I dont follow along with the idea that this is something that just needs to be controlled. I believe I can beat it. I am trying many of the things that you have had success with and things that others have found. Also like you it's the whites that affect me most. Funny you should mention a DO.. is what I am looking into as well even though I like my PCP I am really intrigued with results a friend has had with one, bedside manner means a lot in my book.

ccritch 2010-07-12 13:25:34 -0500 Report

I can understand your frustration! Waiting period and hoping for answers and not getting any. Just being sent to get more labs done. Seems like a never ending cycle with the medical field. Not wanting to bagger the medical field but it is frustrating.

I am sorry for your frustration. I would say to do a google and search for another doctor whom you can see and maybe get better care and response. You are no. 1 you need to take care of you and not give up or feel like giving up when all seems hopeless.

You give such great support to others here you are an inspriation to most of us, so don't give up keep fighting for your rights and stay intune with what your needs are and don't forget your questions (write them down so you don't forget).

Good Luck and God Bless!

kdroberts 2010-07-12 10:59:10 -0500 Report

Did you have a list of questions to ask them? For a first time visit there is not a whole lot the doctor can do unless you run the appointment or run some tests and see what comes back. No question is stupid, just use the time to ask every little thing you want to.

bettymachete 2010-07-12 13:08:25 -0500 Report

Yep I had my questions ready considering I had months to prepare! :) The questions I had were pretty much left unanswered and treatment was vague at best. Basically, she told me to continue doing what I was doing. I had the exact same labs drawn 2 weeks and last week specifically for this appointment. All lab results were in and she went over them with me. I guess I am not showing much patience but I figured with a 3 month waiting that there would be something done. I am suppose to see her again in 3 months. Not sure I will even bother now.

Emma2412 2010-07-12 10:48:03 -0500 Report

I don't know what PCOS is, but if you don't like the doctor, get yourself another one immediately. Some doctors don't have a clue and so you certainly should not go to those kind. I hope you vented a little to the doctor, as well.

bettymachete 2010-07-12 12:24:39 -0500 Report

PCOS is Polycystic ovarian syndrome which is handled by endocrinologists, so she is suppose to be very informed.
I didn't get a chance to vent to her, before I knew it she was gone. I did however vent to her nurse.

kdroberts 2010-07-12 12:52:00 -0500 Report

You may find a reproductive endocrinologist or a fertility specialist will know more about PCOS than a 'general' endo.

BEBUBBLE 2010-07-12 10:26:03 -0500 Report

Wow, I am sorry you are having a hard time. I had a strange doctor as well. But my advice wouldn't be to follow me. I didn't get a new doctor until recently. Took me about 5 1/2 years to change. But I would advise you to get to a totally new doctor to get some worth while answers. Hope this helps.

bettymachete 2010-07-12 13:09:39 -0500 Report

Thanks I think I will probably look for someone else too.

ccinhershey 2010-07-12 22:46:53 -0500 Report

I would definetly look for a new doctor. I was diagnosed 17 years ago as a type2 diabetic, age 20. Docs gave me a meter, insulin and said "here's how to give yourself the shots"…that was it. They didn't seem to care so neither did I. Well all those years of not taking care of myself caught up with me. I just had quadruple bypass on June 7 this year. My arteries were 90% blocked. I finally found a great bunch of doctors who genuinely care. It's been rough but after a month my glucose numbers are better than normal and they are talking about taking me off insulin in a few days. Do yourself a favor and keep looking for doctors that care!

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