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Are U drinking ALCHOHL?
Please chick these pictures!!
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Do U Know how much alcohol DANGEROUS?
Do U Know how much alcohol affect in your body, and destroyed your LIVER?
Do U Know that alcohol is sin in all Religion?

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morris.js 2008-08-31 07:44:35 -0500 Report

Gabby, there is certainly no need to ask for forgiveness…LOL You always bring good comments to the discussions and I was not trying to stick up for anyone or put down anyone. Was just reminding all that it is nothing more than a discussion, and not a lecture on religon or morals.
It is good we all are passionate about things here…that is what makes this site and these discussions so great!!!

GabbyPA 2008-08-31 09:58:02 -0500 Report

You are so right. Life without passion is not much to get excited about. It is good to take an attitude check once in a while, and that is what you did for me. I appreciate it.

morris.js 2008-08-31 01:24:34 -0500 Report

Hi Guys, I'm not sure anyone meant to be grandstanding here, just was trying to show the ill effects of too much alcohol. We all want to keep this a positive place to come to, but it is after all called a "discussion" for a reason. Information is presented and then discussed. We then take that information and either throw it in the trash can or mull it over for some merit.
The only thing that I will strongly speak out against are to those who are trying to sell something here like our famous 'Lady" trying to sell her water filters to us for the miracle cure of all ailments.
Ok, so you got 10 cents worth out of me instead of my allowed 2 cents… Sorry… :-)

GabbyPA 2008-08-31 02:19:58 -0500 Report

I apologize if I am feeding a negative vibe...forgive me?

tmana 2008-08-31 03:29:56 -0500 Report

Gabby, I took some umbrage to the idea that alcohol consumption is a sin in ALL religious paths… and social alcohol consumption is considered so much of a part of American social life (whether or not we choose to consume) that it can become a touchy issue.

Drunkenness, alcoholism, and inappropriate behavior while intoxicated *are* social issues, but we have learned through experience that prohibition is not the answer. Education and social awareness… are. (Or at least are part of the answer.)

GabbyPA 2008-08-31 03:41:10 -0500 Report

yes...I am the ever flexible saggitarian and find that when absolutes are presented, I do tend to bristle. There is always more than one side to anything out there. I know that there are cultural issues and language barriers that are at play here. I don't want to get into what so much divides us, but what can unite us. I guess that is why I try to tread lightly and kind of "generically" in Dr.Dag's posts. They are always good food for thought, and perhaps I am not expressing my appreciation for the topic as I should. I just felt kind of attacked...I suppose I am just being over sensitive and goofy...I don't mean to rag anyone, just temper the steel a little bit I guess.

GabbyPA 2008-08-30 07:32:59 -0500 Report

Just as in anything, when we take too much we endanger ourselves or others. Too much food, too much sex, too much sleep, too much mischief...I have lost a family member to a drunk driver. I know what it is to have a family memeber become an alcoholic, but I have also seen them overcome it.

I feel I have to throw my 2 cents in because I am very involved in the "Red Wine" discussion. I am drinking wine every night with my meal. It has proven to be very benificial for my after meal numbers and helps to reduce my Dawn Phenomenon effects in my AM reading. There is no basis for me to be doing it but medical. It is 2-4 oz that I consume. Our discussion is not there to advocate wreckless drinking, but there to let people know that there can be great bennifets to consuming it. My first glass made me sweat like a pig, because I was not used to drinking it. Sometimes it still does if the meal is very lite. But I enjoy the outcome of the numbers later, so I continue in this venture for my health.

This site is for us to share our lives as diabetics and the things that help us, make us crazy and how we feel and cope with our daily struggles. It should not become a place where we grand stand politics and religion, unless you are going to be uplifting and encouraging in the use of it. Caution is one thing, but negativity is something this site does not suffer with...please, let's try to keep it that way.

butterfly_8 2008-08-30 08:12:48 -0500 Report

That was well said . I love the fact that this site is POSITIVE.I also love the fact that negativity shows up every so often and is usually put to rest early in the game. This is truly about those of us who share the same fate being diabetics. It also gives us a voice by talking and working together to improve our fate in any way possible.
So Power to Diabeticconnect members and their individuality.

GabbyPA 2008-08-30 08:24:05 -0500 Report

Hey Butterfly_8,
You are our Positive Queen!! Who can't love that smile. Thanks for the support.

Dr.Dag 2008-08-31 00:47:21 -0500 Report

Dear Gabby
Thank U 4 your reply
Infact this topic is relatred with our main topic "DIABETES"
Thanks again 4 your reply

Diabetes and Alcohol
August 31, 2008
Diabetes Health Center

Alcohol is processed in the body very similarly to the way fat is processed, and alcohol provides almost as many calories. Therefore, drinking alcohol in people with diabetes can cause your blood sugar to rise. If you choose to drink alcohol, only drink it occasionally and when your diabetes and blood sugar level are well-controlled. If you are following a calorie-controlled meal plan, one drink of alcohol should be counted as two fat exchanges.

It is a good idea to check with your doctor if you are overweight or have high blood pressure or high triglyceride levels before drinking alcohol. If you are in doubt about whether drinking alcohol is safe for you, check with your doctor.

Effects of Alcohol on Diabetes
Here are some other ways that alcohol can affect diabetes:
• While moderate amount of alcohol can cause blood sugar to rise, excess alcohol can actually decrease your blood sugar level — sometimes causing it to drop into dangerous levels.
• Beer and sweet wine contain carbohydrates and may raise blood sugar.
• Alcohol stimulates your appetite, which can cause you to overeat and may affect your blood sugar control.
• Alcohol can interfere with the positive effects of oral diabetes medicines or insulin.
• Alcohol may increase triglyceride levels.
• Alcohol may increase blood pressure.
• Alcohol can cause flushing, nausea, increased heart rate, and slurred speech.
Diabetes and Alcohol Consumption Dos and Dont's
People with diabetes should follow these alcohol consumption guidelines:
• Do not drink more than two drinks of alcohol in a one-day period. (Example: one alcoholic drink = 5-ounce glass of wine, 1 1/2-ounce "shot" of liquor or 12-ounce beer).
• Drink alcohol only with food.
• Drink slowly.
• Avoid "sugary" mixed drinks, sweet wines, or cordials.
• Mix liquor with water or diet soft drinks.



GabbyPA 2008-08-31 02:15:59 -0500 Report

Yep, that is what I am doing. I only consume 2-4oz of wine at my evening meal. I drink it as I eat and it helps my after meal numbers. I understand that not everyone should do this. I don't take any meds, so I have no drug interactions to concern myself with. I don't do hard liquor anymore. I used to share in a drink with friends at home, but no more. There are way too many carbs in the ones I like.
Like everything with diabetics, we have to try things slowly and carefully. What works for me will not work for everyone. It is true in all of our foods, exercise habits, sleeping and emotional strifes. That is why this is such a complicated desisese. There is no "one size fits all". That is also why I love this community so much, because we share what we do. We are not doctors telling eachother in a blanket statement what to do. We tell people what works for us.

tmana 2008-08-30 05:26:25 -0500 Report

Actually, a number of religions *require* the consumption of alcohol as part of religious ritual. What is (usually) not required, or indeed desired, is the consumption of alcohol to the point of inebriation.

I know that both both Islam and the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) completely forbid the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

On the other hand, many Christian traditions include or require wine as part of Holy Communion, and Jews use the ritual consumption of wine and bread at the start of Shabbat (Sabbath) and holiday meals. The Passover ritual obligation of every Jew over the age of 13 is to consume approximately 14 ounces of wine over the course of the storytelling-and-prayer portion of the seder meal. (There are some medical exceptions in which wine may be replaced by grape juice, or where the obligation can be lessened or waived, but for the most part, it stands.)

Many of us who are brought up in a tradition where alcoholic beverages are part of religious ritual learn early to recognize the signs and dangers of inebriation, and learn to "drink responsibly".

Charish 2008-08-30 06:19:00 -0500 Report

I'm glad that you wrote this statement concernig whether to consume this beverage or not. I feel that others don't completely understand the purpose of the consumption of alcohol based on the faith and culture of the person doing it. In some cases it's required of them to consume alcohol based again on religion or background. The lack of knowledge will lead a person to think harshly on those who partake in this, but it's a personl choice as well if not based on religion or curtural belief. It should be a project for some to find out more about those that they view and not say that it's done because that'a what a person wants.

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