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So my doc put me on cortisal hormone replacement therapy about a month ago. She had me taking it one week on one week off. Well it totally fixed my low sugar issue (i still had to eat right) and i felt much better. I had a doc appt a few days ago and she basically told me if I don't take it, I die. I think it is because it is shutting down my adrenals and making them work correctly. And if I don't have the medicine, then I don't have any adrenals?? is this right?? im confused :( She says it supresses my immune system.
she gave me these rules (also which im confused about)
1. normal dose - 1 pill three times a day
2. fever 101 or higher: triple the dose, three times a day
3. vomiting (cant keep anything down) - Ill need a shot of cortisol.

Can anyone explain to me about cortisol, how it works, what its doing to my body, etc.

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