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how long in between an injection can you take another?
I take Novolog and Lantus

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Harlen 2010-07-10 19:38:00 -0500 Report

I would talk to your doc over that one.
when I was on shots I would take both shots at the same time
I know what I was eating that morninig so I ajusted for what I was eating and if I wished to have a little more carbs I would give a little more insulin but please check with your Doc
Best wishes

monkeymama 2010-07-10 20:25:54 -0500 Report

I agree with you! I did the same thing when I was on the Lantus and Novolin. When it came time to check BG to correct my highs, I had two wait at least two hours in between. Unless, I was VERY HIGH, then it was a call to my doctor for further instructions.

mstegall627 2010-07-10 18:37:09 -0500 Report

i am on same insulin's. i take mine at the same time. when i first wake up i take 2 shots, 2 at lunch, 1 of the novolog before supper and the last lantus 30 min before bedtime

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