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I have 5 different meters that I have used at various times. I am currently using Bayer Contour TS. I'm not a great fan of it because, it is too small for my liking. I was changed to this one by the supply company I use. Before this one I was using the Accu Check Aviva. I had nothing to do with the change to my current meter. Apparently by changing meters my Co-pays were going to be less expensive.

Anyway the reason I am giving a Kudos to Accu Chek is because they have continued to allow me to use their lancet device and their lancets. I am using the Softclick kind. Even though they tell me the lancet has a larger needle, it does not hurt no ways near what the other lancets I have used in the past.

The other day I was cleaning my device top but I had picked up a bottle of Acetone instead of Alcohol and it melted the top of the device and made the device inoperable. I contacted the Accu Chek company and they worked with me in getting a new device at no charge to me. A new employee of theirs promised me my new device on a Saturday delivery date because it was a holiday weekend. The device did not arrive as promised and I had to wait until the following Tuesday to talk to them. They called Walmart to see if they had a Softclick device that I could get for free then they would replace Walmarts. However Walmart did not have one so they sent me one out that day and told me to go to Walmart and get another type that used the Softclick lancets.

The next day I received the original order that I had been expecting on Saturday, again at no charge. The following day I received the device that was shipped on the Tuesday, at no charge. I still had a small problem in what they had sent to me there was not the clear top to allow me to use alternate sites. So lo & behold they sent me yet another device with the clear top included and todate I have paid them exactly nothing. Each time they sent me something they always asked if I needed anything else so I got extra lancets too. I would ask them each time how much I owed them and they told me anytime I needed anything from them it would be shipped free of charge. I wish I could get their meter & strips back too but my insurance company put the brakes on that happening.

Way to go Accu Chek. Thanks for fantastic customer service.



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Harlen 2010-07-09 15:17:35 -0500 Report

They do like you useing there strips lol
They have benn good to me aswell they where always willing to go that little bit more then some others.
Best wishes

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