PGX- I've tried it and it really works!

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Check out this link. Its a pdf file so you need a pdf reader but the info is pretty in-depth.

and another

When I saw this, I bought one bottle of the powder and decided to do an experiment which I tend to do with everything.
My BS goes up really quick when I eat anything with sugar.
So here's what I did. I know you guys are gong to say it's dangerous and whatever but just to show that it works, here's what I did.

I followed the instructions and added 1 scoop of the powder to my drink. I was at a party so there was cake of course. Normally, cake is off limits but I decided to eat some, for the experiment. I ate a few pieces. About an hour later, I went home and took my BS. 120 something. It never did go any higher than that in the next few hours and I was testing every 15-30 minutes for the next few hours for my experiment. Well, it worked.
I've done this experiment several more time with other foods like Ice cream(I ate a pint), white rice, juices, and other high glycemic foods with the same results.

And before someone says anything…no, it's not even anything like Metamucil/psyllium. Metamucil/Psyllium is an insoluble fiber whereas this is a soluble fiber.
PGX is quite inexpensive ($16 online at and is good for around 30 uses)and is designed specifically for weight loss and diabetics, but I think anyone can benefit from it.

This informational brochure, describes the capsulized form which has Mulberry added to it. I used the plain PGX powder. I also put a scoop in a large glass of H20 and stirred it up and waited to see what would happen. Within 10 minutes it was a thick, slimy, goop.

If you have a problem with large BG spikes after meals, try this. It's only 16 bucks at, so if you think $16 bucks is reasonable to possibly help control those big BG surges, please try it.

If you decide to go to to get it,
there is a coupon code for first time buyers and you get $5.00 off your first order lowering your price to around $11.00 + $.99 shipping if you order before the 31st. Another member used the code and it worked and she told me shipping was only $.99. They have the lowest prices online, even better than vitacost in most cases.

Well if you're interested, here's the link to the page where PGX can be bought.

if you want the caps,

or if you want to check out the entire PGX line,

If you want the $5.00 off your first order,
enter: RIZ761
in the space when you order there's a box to enter your discount code. It only works once and for first time buyers as I understand.

FYI, there is $.99 shipping til the end of the month, other than that, the shipping prices are already low and I believe it's free if you order over $60, and shipping is free if you place an order before 1pm Pacific time and it doesn't go out the same day.

If you want to know more about why I buy from them, go here:

Also, I do solemnly swear that I do not work for Natural Factors, the company that makes PGX or

I'm just a normal guy who's had some really bad stuff happen to me, both medically and in other aspects of my life. I am always looking for ways to better my BG control ever since I got diagnosed as Type 2 last year with a BG level of 650 and A1c of 14.2. I love to try new things, and share my findings with others so they too can benefit from what I've experienced. I am not rich, I am on Social Security disability, so I need to research everything I buy first and test it out when I get it to make sure it does in fact do what it's supposed to. I know a lot of people don't want to take that first step and try something new until someone else has tried it, so that's my motivation for posting all my experiences. To share information and hopefully help out a little and possibly make someone's life better.

I know I promote a lot, but it's because out of all the companies I've ordered from, they're the first to not gouge me on shipping(I live in Hawaii and most companies forget that Hawaii is a state too so they charge ridiculous rates like I'm in another country and some even refuse to ship here), answer my emails within a day, throw in freebies in my order and offer free stuff on their site.

Which brings me to another thing. has an area if you look under products, they have a sub topic "free samples". There are mostly books, but are some other good products. he books are all good(limit of 1 of each free product per order. I've tried to order 2 of the green tea and it didn't work), the books are very full of medical and nutritional information. The freebie selection changes, but I've gotren books on Ubiquinol, AHCC, weight loss and a whole bunch of others. They give away free boxes of green tea as well and pill cutters though they always run out. The site is full of reviews. Mostly short ones from people who bought the product giving their comments on whether the product worked or not for them.

I hope that gave you some good info regarding the product and hopefully, some of you will also benefit from this product as I have.

Some miscellaneous stuff:
If you get the powder, mix it in and drink it fast, or it may gel up on you.
If you can't drink that much water that fast, use less and drink that fast, and after you got it down, drink more liquid slowly.
The more liquid you take with it the better it works.
I think they recommend 2 -16 oz glasses which is nothing if you drink super big gulps(44 oz).
You don't need to wait as long as they say to begin eating although it works better that way.

When I use it, I take it just a few minutes before I eat with a 16 oz glass of h2o, and while they recommend you follow it with another, I just eat and drink the 2nd glass while eating.
It still works great.
Remember, it's just a special blend of fiber so unless you're allergic to fiber, I've seen no side effects.
Well, you may get gassy if you're body is not used to fiber.

Not a side effect, but another benefit, it helps keep you regular and according to my brother who I had given a bottle to, "I'm making logs again and not pellets!, I mean BIG LOGS! I have to flush twice!!!" His exact words. Haha!


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GabbyPA 2008-08-30 07:13:07 -0500 Report

Ahhh, so we have another memeber of the mad sicentist club! LOL You are required to do the "evil laugh" now.
I know I have been getting my own personal education in this from you, but I am feeling a challenge coming on...Like a "Fiber til you Plop" challenge. LOL...seriously. This is very good stuff and I am planning a trip to the health food store where I can get samples of a lot of these kinds of things to try out. Thanks for the post!

Goddess 2008-08-29 18:50:15 -0500 Report

Do you think the capsule would work as well and how nuch is it?

Ryan 2008-08-30 06:20:17 -0500 Report

the capsule is around 20 bucks for 180 I think but you need to take ten to equal one scoop of powder. If you have gastroparesis, I wouldn't take it, just to be safe since it's going to swell up in your stomach and sit there. It may have undesirable side effects for people with that condition. I don't know for sure, just being cautious. I does work though for everyone I know who's tried it.

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