i've given up

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I've been diabetic for over 6 yrs now, when i first started out i was on two pills my glucose lvls would fluctuate between 50 and 200's depending on activity lvl. now i'm on 120 units of lantus at night and a sliding scale of humalog throughout the day, and my clucose lvls are 500 and higher i just checked and the meter read hi which means it's over 600. i am at the point to just forget about the insulin and just let the disease do it's evil. i've tried to get a specialist appt and my job won't let me have the day off.
i just don't know what to do anymore…

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Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2010-07-09 21:21:50 -0500 Report

Just joining in with the previous responses.
See a Dr. No job is worth more than your health. Check out the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) about time off. Are there Urgent Care Clinics where you live? The small town where I live has Saturday Hrs. at the family care clinic.
My husband felt he couldn't take time away from his job. Thn he lost his job due to an incomplete spinal cord injury not Diabetes. But the results were similar to those Elrond faced- loss of job, loss of health insurance, probable loss of our house. But most importantly he has partial loss of the use of his left leg and slight nerve damage to his left hand, along with less strength in his spine.
It has taken 3 1nd 1/2 years for him to find a temporary lower paying job. The job and house are not the important losses. If my husband would have gone to the Dr. a little sooner maybe he would not be suffering from the partial paralysis of his left leg and other problems.
In your case the major event has not happened yet. Get to the Dr. before it happens. Any job is really only temporary compared with your life and health.

Elrond 2010-07-09 17:05:22 -0500 Report

That sounds like the attitude I had back in the 90's. Then, my diabetes gave me a wake-up call in the form of a stroke that paralyzed me on the left side. That cost me my job. The loss of my job caused me to lose my health insurance and led to an eventual bankruptcy that caused me to lose my house and car. Fortunately, I was able to turn to the VA for health care. After 10 years of hard work, I finally got my left side back and was thinking of finding another job but I still wasn't paying much attention to my diabetes so it spoke to me again in the form of a major heart attack. This time, I died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Only heroic efforts by an excellent team of paramedics brought me back. Now, I have a pacemaker keeping my heart more-or-less functioning. All because I didn't take care of my diabetes. Please be smarter than I was. I'm now on an insulin pump and my last A1C was 7.5. My doctor is pleased with my progress and we are still fine-tuning the pump. Over the last few years, I've become a gourmet chef specializing in low-carb food. It's possible to live very well while dealing with diabetes. Dig in and just do it.

packrat2 2010-07-09 16:48:25 -0500 Report

you need to see the Doc. soon…after work, before work, day off, what ever you got to do…get it done, never give up.
regards packrat2

kdroberts 2010-07-09 07:17:09 -0500 Report

What are you eating and how are you exercising? Legally you may be able to get time off work to see a doctor, try calling the American Diabetes Association and asking to speak to their advocacy department.

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