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I'm having a colonoscopy in August due to the diverticulitis I had in December. Also maybe an endoscopy. I've already warned the Doc he best go down the throat first! They tell me it'll be fine, but i'm worried about crashing on the awesome "clear liquid diet" 24 hours before. I'm on a pump and cgm, but don't know how to go about it except to suspend my pump. That in turn will cause my glucose to elevate to high levels. Better high than low and in insulin shock I guess. Any advice?

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shon7466 2015-01-06 22:50:08 -0600 Report

Having a Colonoscopy and a Endoscopy Thursday morning. Wanting to know if you feel a lot of pain or pressure.

jayabee52 2015-01-06 23:19:24 -0600 Report

Howdy Shon
I have had both. A colonoscopy once and and endoscopy twice.

They put me into a "twilight sleep" and i woke up without feeling a thing.
I didn't even have a scratchy throat from the Endoscope.

For me the worst thing about a colonoscopy was the prep beforehand. The "GoLitely" prep tastes horrible and caused spasms in my intestines. It still didn't clean me out all that well and I had to get a couple of enemas.

I was supposed to get another eolonoscopy about 3 yrs ago, but I kept putting it off.

I know I will need to do something eventually, but the last time my prep was so horrible I keep postponing it.

I pray you have a better experience


imsuzie2 2010-07-11 01:25:10 -0500 Report

I am not on insulin, so no help there, but because I am a diabetic (T2), I get to have "egg drop" chicken soup.

I test every 2 hrs and when I find myself in the 70's, I was told to take 2 to 4 oz of REGULAR apple juice (sparkling is what I used) and it brought me back to the 90's. I was even told I could do it up to 6 hrs before I had to check in. Did take a sip about 4 hrs before.

I refuse to use "Golightly" and use Miralax (Rx strength) and a few Dulculax tabs several hours before starting the Miralax. No nite dose of Metformin or diabetic meds day of test. I can never drink the full prep, so if I don't think I am "clean" enough, I take another Dulculax about 8 or 9 pm.

They want me early too, but since I am used to eating breakfast around 1p on a regular basis, I usually get to have mine around noon.

I do this every year (since '96) since I have ulcerative colitis and have had the UC since '82. Last year was the first time I had polyps, which I found scary. Non-cancerous, but makes the yearly test important.

You will do fine. Just get your plan ready before hand, write down all your questions and speak to your diabetic doc and gastro before you prep…I am lucky enough that my plan has a 24 hr "advice nurse" I can call if I get low and scared…is how I learned it was ok to have the sparkling apple juice even after midnite.


PS the sleep is always what I look forward to and ask them not to wake me, but let me wake on my own. Gives a few extra minutes! :) Also, they always test my BG at the facility as they do the pre-op IV, etc.

DevilDog39 2010-07-13 01:34:14 -0500 Report

Thanks Suzie! I appreciate the advice since friends and co-workers don't have diabetes, yet they still try to advise me on the prep. Two completely seperate set of rules is all I tell them.

Elrond 2010-07-11 00:42:10 -0500 Report

After my last colonoscopy, I was informed that I wasn't 'cleaned out enough' and next time I'll have to do a 3-day prep. I have news for them; as a type 1, that just ain't a-gonna happen. My sugar was dangerously low after the 1-day prep. Oh, well, that's 3 years from now. Maybe I won't live that long.

DevilDog39 2010-07-12 23:53:35 -0500 Report

Don't think that way Elrond. If they get on me I tell them i'm gonna live forever just to be a pain in their a**. They need to come to your terms, not you to theirs, you're the diabetic.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2010-07-09 19:09:04 -0500 Report

I agree with those who say check with them and/or your Dr again. Mention your concerns about low BG, your pump, the clear liguid diet , etc. Different Drs. have different ways of prepping their patients. You need to know for certain what your Dr wants you to do and follow his instructions.
I had my very first colonoscopy a few months after being told I have diabetes. When I told the schedular I was Diabetic she really emphasised I would need to follow the special instructions for Diabetics. She e mailed a package that had specific instructions to follow. At the top of the Medication sheet for Diabetics it stated if you are UNSTABLE with your diabetes call your prescribing Dr. for instructions on adjusting your insulin prior to your procedure. I have low BG levels sometimes in the A.M. I ate a light snack as close to when the liquid diet was supposed to start. I also drank chicken broth as late as I could before the nothing by mouth time started. The instructions covered What to use for the clear diet, what meds to take, and what bowel prep to use. This was different for Diabetics than Non Diabetics. I recieved both sets of instructions. I was scheduled for the earliest appt. of the day and was told to tell them my BG as soon as I arrived.
I am on metformin so was told to take half my usual dose the day before the exam and none the morning of the exam. Different types of orals and insulin had different instructions. Some you were not supposed to take, some were reduced dosages and some had no changes from your usual dose. It said on the day before your exam if you are using an insulin pump continue your usual basal rate. But did not say what to do on the morning of the exam. I would have had to call them to ask what to do, it probably would depnd on the type of insulin you are using. But I would check rather then assume. I've learned I'd rather ask dumb questions than make a really dumb mistake.

The clear diet on my instructions said I could drink Glucerna, plain broth,clear juices (white grape or apple), sugar free drinks, diet soda (no red, orange, or purple), plain coffee, plain tea, popsicles (no sherbets or fruit bars), plain jello (lemon or lime), glucose tablets, and water. They were very clear aboout no dairy products, no juice with pulp (such as orange or grapefruit), and no alcoholic beverages.

The twillight sleep was nice. I felt very refreshed when I woke up. I agree with Ray didn't like the prep. My Mom and a Sister had warned me, "Stay near the toliet, have what you need there, esp. a magazine or puzzle mag."
Luckily what they found was pre-cancerous. So I get to wait five years for the next exam.

Best of luck.

DevilDog39 2010-07-10 23:46:09 -0500 Report

Thanks Graylin! Your info is of much help and assurance to me. I am probably going to be known well by all in the clinic at the V.A. when I walk in, from calling extensively. The (my) Doctor knows my stats, but he is private and not affiliated. My V.A. FNP knows my stats and does most of my blood work, so I hope between her, the V.A. Hosp., and myself we can come to an understanding of what exactly has to be done for prep. The happening is in August(23). I just want to GET-R-DONE. Reminds me of that other date (12-21-12)!

monkeymama 2010-07-08 17:44:25 -0500 Report

I was told with my Endoscopy I did not have to suspend my insulin pump. I would double check with your Endo on this. he was the one who told me not to suspend my pump. i was getting put into deep sleep for my test as well. I hope this helps you out some.

DevilDog39 2010-07-09 14:20:10 -0500 Report

The V.A. Doc said to do the norm, except diet. I'm concerned because I have went a little too low the morning after fasting for bloodwork. I've even let my glucose go up from evening snack before fasting, dawn phenomena do its thing to raise blood sugar, and still was at 76 when blood taken.

GabbyPA 2010-07-08 17:24:36 -0500 Report

Call them up and tell them again that you are on the pump. If they can't help you call your doctor. Maybe you can use some thing to help in the mean time, like individual shots that you can control a little more.
Are you type 1 or 2? That makes a big difference. I know it has to be clear, but does it have to be calorie free? You can drink broth or drinks that have juice or calories right? Just keep it clear?
My day will come for this test. I am not looking forward to that day, but if its as twilight as Ray says, maybe I won't care.

DevilDog39 2010-07-09 14:11:51 -0500 Report

I'm type 1, insulin dependent.

GabbyPA 2010-07-10 15:24:15 -0500 Report

Did you go back to your doctor and ask them again about this? I am curious, as I know they must do it every day on a diabetic, but maybe not a type 1. That makes a big difference.

DevilDog39 2010-07-10 23:51:57 -0500 Report

It does make a big difference, as far as the prep, from what I am told. I'm going to speak with my private Doctor when he returns. He admonishes me the most, sometimes not kindly, but he knows me best and has the best advice.

RAYT721 2010-07-08 16:41:15 -0500 Report

I had a colonoscopy just days after diagnosis for diabetes. They asked if I was diabetic and I said "yes" and that was end of discussion. Make sure you cover that with them. I am not on any meds or anything and wondered how my bg level was going to take the fast. I solved the problem by not testing. All I can tell you is my weight was the lowest ever after the prep for the test. I guess I was full of crap. It's a great test to have done. The worst thing is the prep. The twilight sleep is fine and I don't like needles (ironic, isn't it). I asked them to do a tummy tuck while they had me under but that was a no-go. :) I have been cleared for like another 3 years. The way the prep went for me was 1/2 the night before the test and then the other 1/2 around 4:00 in the morning the day of the test. I got the cherry flavored one. It would be like my gramma making me kool aid but putting salt instead of sugar in the water. That would have happened… gramma was a drunk. Anyway good luck on the test. Keep us posted and don't worry. They have done those tests alot over the years. They take care of a lot of butt holes like me!!!

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