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Need to loose 25 pounds.

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Corynthus 2010-07-16 04:34:56 -0500 Report

Darn… Every where I look in all the boards , you are all trying to LOSE weight. I am trying to STOp losing the weight and GAIN it back. ( sigh ). It is like anything that i eat i get sick from it or my sugar level rises. I do not eat any sweet foods and do not drink sweet drinks. I don't even use a sweetner for replacements. I got diagnosed with type 2 diabetis in year 2000 and ever since then I have lost all my weight and i am now so skinny that I fit NONE of my old clothes at all and i look malnorished like i dont eat at all. Any ideas what's up with this??

RAYT721 2010-07-16 04:55:37 -0500 Report

I haven't always been heavy. I grew up looking like I belonged as a model for Sally Struther's World Hunger Mission. There are thin diabetics out there. I am not one of them but I did find a website with a SIG (special interest group) that I will hook you up with that may have answers and/or support for you. The whole weight thing is a stereotype that not everyone fits into. With the weight issue aside, we can help you with other areas of your diabetes such as cooking, exercise, and general support so don't go away but stay tuned for my link to the group of thin diabetics on an alternate site:

RAYT721 2010-07-08 11:28:51 -0500 Report

Having lost 23, I can tell you that you can do it. The keys are one pound at a time. Swap bad behaviors and choices for good. Drink lots of water. Exercise. Make sure to start your day with breakfast (you'll have more time to burn it off). Think positive. Be realistic. Getting on here with the wonderful support was a wise thing. We share your goals. If I can do/say anything, just put me in the loop. We're in it to win it!!! Good luck.

LauraS 2010-07-08 10:15:39 -0500 Report

I type 2 need to lose weight and get my B/S levels down. I'm on victoza and metformin and if I don't get my sugar down I will be put on an additional medication. I don't want that so I've been looking up natural ways to lower sugar. Cinnamon capsuls or even cinnamon on your food is very good for controling sugar. Also "resveratrol" is suposed to make you feel full. I got both these suplements at GNC last night and took them right away and again this morning. I think something is working because I ate my morning cereal and usually feel hungry again right away. The hungry feeling passed quickly this morning and I could go another hour or so without eating. The "resveratrol" is also advertised as helping to firm your skin, maybe as I lose weight the skin will firm up too, double plus. Exercise is a major key too. I'm super lazy but I try to walk after dinner, any exercise, even giving the house a good clean is helpful.

bettymachete 2010-07-08 13:17:13 -0500 Report

I can also vouch for the resveratrol, it's something I also have been incorperating into my daily supplements. It's nice to find something that actually does something it says it will do. I have noticed that the fine wrinkles I had around my eyes are gone. YAY

sugartwin01 2010-08-13 08:46:39 -0500 Report

I'm soooo jealous! you get to be on Victoza! What ins. co. does your RX!… I'm so fed up with the one I have through the Board of ED!… If you share the name of you ins. I'm seriously going to campaign my union to push for an alternative choice!

GabbyPA 2010-07-08 09:36:34 -0500 Report

Don't we all? =)
Seriously, loosing weight is part of a lot of diabetics "To Do" list.
What are you doing now?
I know that when I am doing well with my BG numbers I tend to be doing better in the weight loss department. That is because I am watching what I eat and exercising more.

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