Type 2 with acidosis??

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I was diagnosed with diabetes about a month ago now. Upon hospital admission, my bs was 1094, sodium 115, and lipids 2500. My A1C was at 12.4. I was placed on Lantus, Novalog, and metformin. Sugars have come way down but here is the kicker. The testing they did indicates type 2 (long family history) but due to my having had acidosis and my sugar being so high, they are saying they still think type 1 with insulin resistance (type 1.5 or hybrid). Anyone else go through this and if so, why type were you finally diagnosed with?

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kdroberts 2010-07-08 07:42:17 -0500 Report

Just based on the blood sugar I would say type 1 is likely. Did they run type 1 tests? Antibodies, c-peptide, stuff like that? What tests did they do that indicated type 2? As far as I know there is nothing really that can test for type 2, just a bunch of tests that along with presentation and doctor experience can point to it.

monkeymama 2010-07-08 01:37:34 -0500 Report

I am having almost the same issue here, except my numbers were not that high. I was diagnosed as Type 2 and did a C Peptide to come back Type 2. In the beginning, they tried oral medications, I either had a bad reaction or became resistance after a while. I am now using a insulin pump to help control my BG. As we are also finding out. I am having to make frequent changes to my pump. Both of my parents and my paternal grandmother have diabetes. I am having to chose to deal with what the original diagnoses was given to me. Until they deem and see something else to push them closer to Type 1 or other form. There was not enough to convince my doctors and diabetic nurse educator differently. Best of wishes to you!

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